Crio’s Question: Given Victoria’s triumphs in so many codes, does footy have anything to fear in its heartland?

When “other” national codes begun a concerted push in to Melbourne, many “dedicated” AFL fans (and the parent body, I suspect) exhibited ill-will towards them.
It was us or them.
Even the Socceroos and the Wallabies were not to be supported lest a foothold be conceded in Victoria.
According to my son Tom, untainted from this era, Victorians have much to celebrate.
He listed an incredible sweep of Victorian domination of national comps, completed by the Melbourne Storm’s NRL triumph.
Basketball (South Dragons), soccer (Victory), cricket (Bushrangers), netball (Vixens) titles are safely (or not) within the borders, and a Geelong flag after an all-Victorian Prelim weekend should prove that footy’s power-base remains unaffected.
If you’re a footy fan, should Victoria’s wins in so many codes be celebrated or feared?
Have we moved to a broader acceptance of all sports?
Or would you prefer that footy is protected from intrusions?


  1. im not a huge NRL fan.
    infact i only started supporting Parra 3 weeks ago.
    It all happened when the heavenly Daniel Mortimer graced the tv screen and stole my heart.
    for the first instance i saw him i adopted Parra as my team.
    its funny though, eventhough i did get into the game its not the same as footy.
    a round one loss to Collingwood leaves me fumming while the GF loss to Parra didnt have much impact. all i had to say was, “put the camera on MORTIMER!!!” :)

  2. no fear anymore Cliffy

    we have an imported POWER FORWARD at Barkly St. He joins the alumni that includes
    James Cook
    Simon Minton-Connell
    Trent Bartlett
    The wrong Jakovich
    Kingsley Hunter
    Lally Bamblett [was heavy enough to be classed a PF]
    Andrew MacDougall

    NB your informant on the structuring of this question should note that we Vics should ostracise the Bulleen Boomers [WNBL] as they failed to bring home that trophy


  3. That reads like a WNBL Barkly Boomers lineup.

  4. Also, Chalkdog, you overlooked Galaxy Coleman who wasn’t too bad.

  5. Touche

    but back on brief, how can we be worried about a code that incorporates a helicopter muster into its pre-game gala? Nearly wet myself when they delivered the game ball by dropping it from one of the helicopters. It blew down the park & was last seen heading west. Bathurst organisers are expecting it in time for the race on Sunday.

  6. If we’re gunna play em, we might as well win em

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