Crio’s Question: Chris Riordan looks askance at the Blues

Were Carlton over-rated?
This was supposed to be a season-defining game. Clearly, Carlton’s season is gone.
“We are coming!”… they might need some nasal spray to reload if they’re going to finish in the finals.
Waite’s loss is significant and maybe it is time to get rid of Fev.
Big Jack, as usual, made it even tougher this week.
Juddy can’t do it alone and he needs more help from the downhill skiers.
Time to reassess.
Were Carlton over-rated?


  1. Crio – as usual the only ones who rated the Blues, were the Blues (and of course all the morons in the media who call themselves experts – but no one takes any notice of them anyway).

    Carlton has been over rated for decades. They were proven to have cheated their way to the 1995 flag, so if that is ignored (as it should be) then we go way back to 1987 meaning they’re not all that far behind the Pies and Tigers as footballing hacks over the last 20 years.

    Interesting that when the Blues are forced to adhere to the same rules as everyone else, they flop like a Fevola appendage after a big night. Long may they cellar dwell, long may they eat their own.

  2. I’ve never rated them :)

    The overrating has been by media and supporter types who look at Carlton and think “GibbsMurphyJuddKreuzer”, count draft picks and conclude that Carlton is just automatically going to be better every year. A prime example of why the draft, and “bottoming out” is over-rated.

    R Walls expressed some sound thoughts about Carlton in his Age article on 29 May: “…This group cannot be mollycoddled any longer. The players have been given plenty in recent years. It’s time the spotlight fell on them and they started to repay the debt.”

    After the Crows snuck past Carlton last year, I wrote for the Almanac: “Carlton are good enough, but not yet strong enough.” and I still think that’s true – physically, and perhaps more so mentally.

    Question marks over Carlton:
    – Coaching / player development
    – Genuine depth (beyond their best 10-15 players)

  3. pauldaffey says


    I completely agree. There are real question marks over Carlton’s coaching and development. They just haven’t worked out what to do with their forward line (they’re not even close) and Kade Simpson is one of the few non-high draft picks who’s come on in recent years.

    I was guilty of picking them to finish high up the ladder. We’ve just finished Round 13 and only now am I, and I suspect many others, starting to drop our predictions from before the season.

    It’s amazing how far into the season we stick with these predictions.

  4. I read somehwere the question posed “how good would Carlton be now if they didn’t have to forego the draft for a couple of years due to their cheating?” Well they probably would have been competetive enough to avoid a couple of wooden spoons and thus not reap the benefits (Murphy, Gibbs, Kreuzer, Judd). Sure they will be OK in the next couple of years but they (like plenty of other clubs) are a fair way off a premiership at the moment. Realistic expectation this year would have been top 8 and they are still on target for that (admittedly no-one else seems to be keen to challenge for 8th spot).

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