Crio’s Question: What should be the criteria for Goal of the Year?

It may not seem important, but don’t you get annoyed at some of the hyperbole surrounding selection for Goal of the Year?
It’s been reignited by this week’s Fev-freak and some commentators’ retrospective criticism of Lloydy’s cute back-tap a couple of seasons ago.
Should it be the run-and-carry, the flukey snap, the critical or long bomb … or something else?
What should be the criteria for Goal of the Year?


  1. My Freo mates are nominating Ryan Murphy’s goal, without which the Dockers would have plumbed unimaginable depths!
    This Year 12 class (I’m meant to be teaching)vote for Motlop’s youtube goals!!!
    I think it needs at least to be in a game and maybe have some impact.

  2. The problem is a bloke like Leon Davis kicks one every week but makes it look too easy!
    As much as I hate to admit it, Collingwood had 2 or 3 possible contenders last week – but they would have to be judged at team level, not so much individually. I think they fall into the “play of the day” category.
    No doubt Fev and Lloyd get points for ingenuity which counts for something these days as anyone seems to be able to kick the freak goal from the boundary.

  3. Danielle says

    The tightness of angle, the distance and the pressure of getting boot to ball should all be taken into account. As nice as team goals are, i think goals underpressure on the run are the best!

  4. Under pressure, on the run – Zaharakis!!

  5. Under pressure, on the run – Zaharakis!!

    im a Collingwood supporter!! thats NO goal of the year in MY CASE!!
    More like disaster of the year!!

  6. Famous, important, but difficult? (Can’t answer myself as I was in the filthy gloom at Flemington at the time!)
    Certainly more meaningful than Fev’s..he’d have been better off slotting the kick against Hawthorn – a whole new genre; “miss of the season”, the Brad Johnson prize.
    Good nom. Big game and great outcome. Clubhouse leader.

  7. I can’t think of any from this season, but there was one from 2007 that to me encapsulates perfectly what should be “Goal of the Year”.

    Jonathan Brown’s goal after the siren against Sydney at the Gabba. Here’s the backdrop – 55 metres out, the siren’s sounded with Brisbane 6 points down, and they need a draw to stay in finals contention.

    It never looked like missing.

    That should have been goal of the year. Anyone can do something clever near goal and get a lucky bounce, very very few could kick a 55m drop punt after the siren. That is real pressure.

  8. Crio
    a very good question you raise. Goal of the year is the antithesis of what the game is about. 100 minutes of pulsating football [except if Freo are involved] x 8 x 22 plus finals and we have numbnuts raving on about the best/flukiest/freakiest 10 seconds of the season. I will defer to “Gigs the stat man” on how many seconds of football there are in a season, but I dont think its worth comtemplating if my preferred ten secs are better than guys who follow Freo. Ask your “Freo mates” who was GOY in any given year. I dont think that they will know, and you wont know to argue. Its a “mute” point! It doesnt “all go well for anything”. I had great interest in the thoughts of Danielle, until she revealled her true leanings. Is this Budge person wearing beige?
    To conclude, the best goal of the year should always be the last one you saw with your own eyes. At the moment I am still riding on the Jarrod Grant 45m after the siren to deliver Willy the 4 points over Coburg on Sunday. A pearler!
    Best of luck with your Freo mates.

  9. Good rant Chalkflog. Was there any particularly subtle point you were trying to get across?

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