Crio’s Q: Quotes that capture the moment

by Chris Riordan

“I wipe my feet before I get on him”

Steve Arnold found a great phrase to describe the joy and satisfaction of riding So You Think when interviewed after the Caulfield Stakes. Bruce Clark, on TVN, checked with him after Saturday’s emphatic Cox Plate pageant…”Did you wipe your feet?” The usually taciturn hoop agreed he had and thus reinforced the quote in sporting folklore. It will always be associated in my mind with Bart’s big superstar.

Legendary Lawrie Nash, when asked who was the best footballer he’d ever seen, insisted,  “I see him every morning in the mirror when I have a shave”.

There’s so much gaff in our sports media, but sometimes a “grab” just captures the character or moment.

Let’s enjoy some of the best and worst.


  1. Andrew Fithall says

    I don’t want to see you, Mr Warner. There are two teams out there, one is playing cricket. The other is making no attempt to do so.

    Bill Woodfull

  2. “Frog in a blender” instantly uploads the extraordinary Paul Adams bowling action.

  3. “You just dropped the World Cup”. Steve Waugh to Herschelle Gibbs. Although apparently he never actually said it.

  4. Great example Gigs. Whether or not he said that is irrelevant; the phrase has entered the vernacular and its reference point is widely understood.

  5. Andrew Fithall says

    Kingston Town can’t win.

  6. At risk of playing Editor, its a much maligned call…in fact, at that moment,Bill “The Accurate One” Collins was absolutely right. The King looked gone. In just a few bounds the whole race changed. Cook was sitting up as they hit the line.
    But, Andrew, you are so right. Just those four words took me back to the Valley on that great afternoon in 1982.

  7. “You can’t eat gold medals.” Bill Howard after winning his second Stawell Gift replied thus after being asked why he didn’t have a go at the Olympics.

  8. Peter Flynn says

    And goes on to say:

    “He might win yet the Champ”.

    I spoke to Malcolm Johnston on Saturday (one of 3 riders to pilot Kingston Town to victory).

    Seemed like a ripping bloke.

  9. Peter Daicos’ commentary during the 2002 prelim after Didak kicks the sealer: “Reality…is….true…”

  10. “I’m fast. I’m pretty. I can’t possibly be beaten.” Ali before he fought either Joe Frasier.

  11. ………….either Joe Frasier or George Foreman

  12. David Downer says

    You just keep churning out these great topics Crio!

    # 3 good get Gigs, I was lucky enough to be there at Leeds in ’99, sitting directly in line of Gibbs spilling it. Magic.

    “You stuck it right up ’em, that’s what you did” – EJ after State of Origin win
    “Like a cork in the ocean” – Dennis Commetti on Peter Wilson’s snap in 92 ‘GF. Commeti’isms could have their own article, but this is his first notable quote I can remember.
    “Bonecrusher races into equine immortality” – A more worthy moment of Bill Collins’ many worthy moments.
    “A champion, becomes a legend” – Greg Miles on Makybe Diva’s third Cup win
    “I just won the Melbourne Cup!” – Damien Oliver after winning his first
    “Do you think she’s been flown in?” – A.W.Greig commentating Domestic ODI game in Adelaide, observing wedding party at nearby church

  13. Phil Dimitriadis says

    “Football’s not a matter of life and death … it’s more important than that,” Bill Shankly

  14. “Floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee”

  15. # 12 – My fave from the 2010 Grand Final Replay

    “He came up behind him like a librarian. He never heard him. No surprise everyone else in the library is shouting.”

  16. “Flat as a shitcarter’s hat” Ron Joseph describing the feeling at Arden St after the Wayne Carey saga.

  17. In not sure if Ive read it here or elsewhere but the call from a disgruntled Tigers man summed up the feeling at Punt Rd
    “thanks for five years of f….n nothing Tampling”

  18. “90% of my money went on Women, Drink & Fast Cars – the rest I wasted”

    George Best

  19. No-one has yet mentioned the great Elle McPherson, who has remained a font of wisdom throughout the years. She has come up with some beauties, my favorite being the one about never having read a book because she believed you should only read things that you yourself have written! But for one with a (tenuous) sporting link, try this one: “For a while I was on the cover of every Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, which was regarded as the pinnacle of success in America”.

  20. “I don’t give a rat’s tossbag” – Malcolm Blight

    Has to be one of my all-time favourites.

  21. David Downer says

    “You cannot be serious!” – J.P.McEnroe

  22. Does anyone recall who was the original of Jack’s “good ordinary” players?

  23. Crio – I think it was either Wayne Johnston or Peter Bosustow.

  24. Peter Flynn says


  25. “Let them eat cake” – Marie Antoinette
    Her most famous quote which apparently was never actually said!

  26. I used to love Cathy Freeman’s relaxed attitude to pressure cooker situations. After she’d just won the 400m gold medal at the Sydney Olympics some breathless and overly excited reporter asked her the usual inane question “So Cathy how do you feel?!!”.

    To which she casually replied something like “I’m really tired actually.”

  27. Richard Jones says

    Trainer of The Manassa Mauler, Jack Dempsey, after world heavyweight champ Jack had despatched another journeymen inside the first couple of rounds:

    “I shoulda stood in bed.”

  28. i don’t know how no-one has yet mentioned one of the greatest pieces of commentary ever:
    1970 Grannie- “Jesaulenko you beauty.” Mike Williamson

  29. “Gatting has absolutely no idea what just happened .. .. .. . ..still doesn’t” – Richie Benaud after Warne’s freak ball.

    “and that’s how he might win the Melbourne Cup” – Bill Collins as Dulcify hits the line to win the Cox Plate by 7.

  30. Dips,
    This wasn’t actually relevant to the original idea, but you’ve reminded me of a story I once heard and don’t care if it is true or not.
    It involves ( I think ) James “Charlie” Manson who, after another awful clanger for the Pies was hauled off and a nervous official handed him the phone, saying, “Leigh (Matthews)wants to speak to you.
    Before Lethal could tee off, Charlie allegedly greeted his coach with “Hi Leigh, how are you?”
    Apoplexy might, for once, be the right descriptor here!

  31. Can’t hear that Dulcify grab without:
    1- seeing him careering away from them at the Valley
    2- recalling the hollow feeling from the Cup. Bert Bryant (I think) used to love some repetition…he’d say; “Dulcify. Here comes Dulcify.” In my (maybe wrong) memory, I sense him casting back through the field looking for the champ – unbeatable at Flemington – to no avail, until he spotted him amiss.

    We’ll do highs and lows of sportspeople one day…that can be yours Budge. You really loved that horse.

  32. “Alan Scott, you were wrong!”

  33. Perfect Josh. I can see Choco, feel the energy, picture the moment.

  34. Damian Watson says

    Sandy Roberts describing Gary Ablett snr, “What more can you say?”

  35. After the Round 21 defeat of St Kilda last year by North Melbourne, Dwayne Russell said, on the siren,

    “Forget about finals, what about pride?”

    Personal favourite of mine, for obvious reasons.

  36. Phil Dimitriadis says

    “What a he-man!”

    Lou Richards after Leigh Matthews broke the point post at Windy Hill in 1982.

  37. “That’s what I’m talking about !!” – S. Crawford

  38. Re #31 – i’ll get over it eventually. Its only been 31 years.

  39. “Get the boy off” – Slug Jordan

  40. The famous graffito on the notice on the church in Hawthorn – “What would you do if God came to Hawthorn?” “Move Hudson out to centre half forward”

    This absolutely captures the awe in which Peter Hudson was held, even by those of us who did not barrack for Hawthorn. Tony Lockett, John Coleman and Gordon Coventry were greater traditional full forwards but Peter Hudson was like the other bloke compared with the deity, Gary Ablett Senior – an absolute freak of sport who performed feats that no-one else has performed since.

  41. “The monkey’s off the back!”
    “Billy, you are king of Geelong!”


  43. Mick Jeffrey says

    Year of the Dogs, Terry Wallace after a narrow loss to Collingwood….

    “I don’t know about you guys. Like, if I see one bloke walking out of here, getting a pat on the back from people out there for a good effort, I’LL SPEW UP”

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