Crio’s Q? – when the untouchable gets brushed

Barassi’s “second coming” – the five year plan – revealed hitherto undetected cracks in the great man’s aura.

This morning, as Chelsea trudged off the pitch, “The Special One” is now fallible – vulnerable…probably terminal.

Sport has a way of ultimately dealing a “reality” card; a fall from grace.

What other icons have tasted the bitter pill?


  1. Richmond

  2. Plenty of saviour coaches have not lasted long: Malthouse at Carlton; Blight at St Kilda; Fos Williams, Don Scott, Ken Sheldon, Jack Cahill and Ron Fuller at South Adelaide. No doubt it is a long list

  3. We love a good unexpected resurrection story like Tommy Woodcock or Michael Barlow or Michelle Payne or Peter Taylor – the battler who makes the big time.
    The opposite side of that coin is schadenfreude. The arrogant achiever who deserves a good humbling. “The great one” as you say. I see he is ashamed of his players this morning, despite talking up his “legendary” tactical acumen. “They” didn’t do what he told them. Funny I thought that was part of a coach’s toolkit – building committed followers.
    Kav(s), Benny C, Clive Palmer – all seem examples of people who were arrogant and pushy on the way up. Not many are surprised or saddened to meet them as they pass by on their way down.
    Sad reading today that Jonah Lomu died broke despite the tens of millions that passed through his hands, and a Trust Fund is being set up for his kids. Seems that he was a good bloke just naïve and the hangers-on took advantage and cleaned him out.

  4. Tony Abbott.

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