Crio’s Q? – the pain of a false dawn

When Rayo Vallecano led Real Madrid 2-1 you could understand their fans thinking “no vamos a conseguir goleado” (hopefully that translates to “At least we’re not going to be thrashed”).

They lost 10-2.

This is different to the “early crow”

It is not an expectancy of winning, though the window opens slightly.

It is more like watching a rookie facing the top seed on centre court in the opening of a Grand Slam – they hold a couple of serves and everyone is pleased that humiliation has been avoided.

But sporting gods can turn quickly.

Early wickets/goals/baskets are sometimes a false dawn and can make a shellacking even more humiliating.



  1. When the Pies got 18 points up in the 2011 Grand Final and the Coll-ing-woooood chant started.

    Oh dear.

  2. Test series against India in the 2000’s. Aussies enforce the follow-on when about 260 in front on the first innings, then Laxman and Dravid bat for a day or two and Aussies collapse from 3 down at tea on the final day to lose.

    Greg Norman…take your pick

  3. Recently, Essendon led the Crows by a goal at quarter time in Hird’s last game as coach. Final margin just shy of 19 goals.

  4. Australia Vs America, Davis Cup, White City Sydney 1979. It was the opening rubber with Mark Edmondson leading Vitas Gerulaitis two sets to love, holding three match points. ‘Eddo’ lost in five, Australia went down four-0ne.

    Luke Nolans’ ride Black Caviar at Royal Ascot almost came into this category. Thank goodness it didn’t.


  5. Heathmont Uniting 3rds circa 1985. 1/41, all out 53.

  6. long tail Noel?

  7. Anything could happen on any given day, Crio. I was the 1 but the procession that day was ridiculous.

  8. G’day Crio. Where does the expectation of Aussie tennis fans wanting Sam Stosur to reach to at least the 3rd round of a tournament in Australia, sit in this equation ?


  9. Glen, I’d say that her US Open win was the false dawn. Otherwise predictably moderate

  10. Well said Crio. That false dawn was a very brief one; a long way back !!!


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