Crio’s Q: Praying for Failure

I think I wanted Phil Hughes to fail.

Melbourne supporters might understand. Maybe even Tiges when Jordy’s late kick sailed through?

“For the greater good”.

“The end justifies the means”.

Have others found themselves secretly (or overtly) barracking against the result they should favor?

It can be malice, money or ulterior motive…but I’m guilty many times over!


  1. The Kreuzer Cup. A twilight zone game played in the twilight.

  2. Lleyton Hewitt… it’s been a great few years.

  3. Every time Mundine fights.

    I can’t say I’ve ever hoped a cricketer fails its just that sometimes I’m not overly sad when they do – Mitch Johnson’s in that category.

  4. Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year…

  5. Ricky has been treading a fine line with me for a few months now. He presence has not prevented Australia’s slide down the rankings and he seems to just be delaying the inevitable, but with absolutely no gain for him or his country. If we’re going to be the 5th ranked test team, then be thatwith up and comers.

    It seems the great players have the hardest time letting go. The self-belief and “arrogance” that made them so successful becomes the enemy.

  6. Spot on pete!
    Boxing day
    Cummins if available/ Cutting if available / Starc/ Hazelwood

  7. I can hear Madame Defarge’s knitting needles..

  8. apparently Malcolm Knox wrote something like…
    “Better to have an honest defeat than a delusional win”.
    Losses can be good.

  9. Mulcaster – I reckon M.Degarge got in early based on the ‘headless chook’ batting in Hobart. If Ricky and Hadds escape will we start calling Invers/Bacchus and Bichs the Scarlet Pimpernels?

  10. John Butler says

    Crio, I’m not so sure about that line of reasoning. We’ve had plenty of losses lately. I haven’t seen a notable decrease in delusion.

  11. Mick Jeffrey says

    For some reason I always wanted Damien Martyn to fail, yet every time I did that he’d score a ton.

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