Crio’s Q? – Nugget on the Boots?

The golf coverage from South Africa is relentlessly predictable. Long shots of Rhinos in Kruger and back to George Coetzee or Branden Grace trying to excite the modest crowds. But the sight of (Pablo) Martin Benavides caused a double-take. What was so distinctive? He wasn’t wearing a cap!

A couple of years ago Brit golfer Robert Rock chose to not cover his lustrous locks despite big financial lures. Some argued it was vanity – he claimed comfort.

Funnily enough, also on the weekend, the ABC Radio callers in Adelaide noted that young debutante Mitchell Santner looked a throwback as he emerged with white batting gloves for his inning.

How times have changed.

Other examples?



  1. Tough ask, Eddie Betts shorts are a throwback to a previous era.
    Is anyone ever likely to play footy in glasses again a la Geoff Blethyn.
    Adam Scott is back to a short putter…with plenty more to follow.
    No one got fined a percentage of their match fee in the Aus/NZ series….definitely a throw back to another time well maybe the 3rd umpire might.

  2. haha Jock…reckon I’d look twice at a lace up footy jumper – it will never happen again!

  3. I think both Rock and Benevides are playing in the Australian PGA this week

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