Crio’s Q: Love Thine Enemy…or not?

How much do you really hate “your” team’s despised enemy? Could it be that you need them more than you might concede.

Does  Barcelona truly exist without Real Madrid? The Red Sox minus the Yankees?

Glasgow Rangers are critically wounded.

Their plight is triggering an avalanche of associated discussions, many of which look at the repercussions of their demise on others.

Here’s one excellent report from the “front-line”…

(for the record – good riddance.)


  1. Interesting article, Crio.

    On learning of Rangers’ problems, one of my first questions was
    what their potential demise would mean for Celtic? Whilst I can
    understand your “good riddance” call, I cannot see how any good
    can come of all this for Scottish football.

  2. Crio, the hate for Carlton has somewhat dissipated since 1981. However, if the bastards beat us in a final or Grand Final, I’m sure it will resurface. These things never really leave you. They just remain dormant until they are ready to be unleashed again.

    True rivalries touch us at a very primal level and the Collingwood v Carlton history certainly stirs up emotions in me that are heightened compared to other teams. They can exist without the other, but a massive slice of history would be missing.

  3. When Collingwood beat St Kilda in 2010, it was wonderful. The only way the day could have been improved would have been if we had beaten Carlton. That should answer your question.

    BTW I think the strongest rivalry in baseball is between the Yankees and the Dodgers. Although to some extent the Yankees, like Collingwood, Manchester United and the SANFL version of Port Adelaide, are hated by everyone who doesn’t love them. In that sense all the other clubs claim to be rivals and the test is who the superclubs regard as their main rivals.

  4. I used to hate StKilda and Hawthorn with a passion, and disliked Collingwood. When I think about it, all for different reasons.

    Hated StKilda because of (some of) their supporters (more so at Moorabin) who were not very nice people.

    Hated Hawthorn who we could not beat at teh time.

    Disliked Collingwood because it appeared to be appropriate behaviour.

    Now I find “hate” is such a harsh word and I now only feel love and admiration for all teams, and even a bit sorry for the likes of the Saints and Doggies. There is nothing like prolonged success to soften the underbelly. ;-)

  5. Crio & Smokie – Can’t remember much sympathy heading out East Glasgow when the Hoops were on their knees in 1994.

    Dave – The Cards and Cubs hate each others guts. I’d love to see the Redbirds implode ! Not too much love between the Dodgers & Giants, a hatred that followed both teams West in the late 1950’s.


  6. This might finally force the Scottish comp to join England and Wales….part of a northern conference in lower grades and able to push up to Championship and Premiership.

  7. Who in Australia cares about the current predicament of Glasgow Rangers? Rivalries in sport are a nonsense. Sports fans and especially football club supporters are only interested in good quality and competitive football against all opposition.

  8. Absolutely hate Essendon.

  9. Come on Mark Doyle, admit it!

    Every since you’ve joined the Footy Almanac, you’ve just been having one giant lend of the rest of us, haven’t you?

    Haven’t you…?

  10. Thanks Ana Gram….Mark’s point will be the subject of discussion in a few weeks when we ponder the preferred of a flogging v a good contest.

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