Crio’s Q: Keep The Faith

I somehow knew that the Brisbane Roar were still a chance. Even inside the last 5 minutes a neutral supporter, such as me, hung on to the unlikely.

But it is not always so easy to “keep the faith”.

How often have you ripped up a betting ticket, left in time-on or switched off the TV at 2 sets to nil, only to be forced in to a radical reappraisal by a change of circumstance?

“Kingston Town can’t win!” ?

‘fess up!


  1. John Butler says

    Crio, I think the most recent incident (apart from the A-League) would have to be Ireland’s World Cup win over the Poms. When they were 5-111 chasing a squillion, who thought they would win?

  2. John Butler says

    From a footy perspective, the “Neale Daniher match” in the 80’s, when Essendon stole it from the Blues still lingers in the memory.

  3. westcoastdave says

    The day West Coast came back from about 45 points down at Kardinia Pk to beat Geelong. I started getting phone calls from friends late in the piece and thought that they were pulling my leg until I got near a radio. Watched 2 1/2 quarters of totally miserable viewing, and then missed all the good parts.

  4. I gave up on Ravelo half way down the Stawell track in 1975.

  5. Essendon a couple of years ago in the traditional Anzac Day match v Collingwood. I was already out of the gate when I heard the crowd roar so went back in……

    A couple of other Essendon games come to mind- the Prelim final v Adelaide in 93 when we were down by 6 goals at half-time. Against anyone else you might have given up. Also the day North kicked I think 10 in the first quarter and we came back from 60+ points behind to get the money.

    God’s Own in the Caulfield Guineas. Knocked down twice and got up on the line.

    Lonhro’s Australian Cup win & Redoubt’s Choice’s Caulfield Guineas after being well headed by Testa Rossa were spine tingling wins against the odds. And what about Belle du Jour’s Slipper win after missing the start hopelessly.

  6. Budge,
    Was that the “hero” Zaharakis game?

  7. Dinky Barry missed the start by 50 metres one day, and won.

    West Coast Dave #3 I was at that game and in the pissoir

    under the G. Ablett Terrace at three quarter time NOT ONE Geelong supporter believed we would win the game. “We’re gone!” was the general consensus.

    We were 36 points up at the time.

  8. End of round 5 2007. Geelong just beaten by Kangas, were 2 – 3 and up to their old handbag tricks.

    I truely believed I would not see a Cats flag.

  9. Alovesupreme says

    Belle du Jour in the 2000 Golden Slipper
    “recorded (one of) the most incredible wins in Slipper history after rearing at the start of the race, almost dislodging her jockey (Lenny Beasley), and coming out a clear 4 lengths last behind the field”.
    I didn’t have a bet on it, and certainly had no stake in the outcome, but it figures as one of the most improbable racing victories, given the competitivenbess of the race, and the fact that it’s a scamper over 1200. It’s conceivable in a longer race, or with a smaller field a horse can overcome that sort of start.

    Two European Champions’ League finals also spring to mind:
    1999 Manchester United two goals at the death to turn 1-2, into 3-2′
    2005 Liverpool down 0-3 at half-time, back to 3-3 in the 2nd half, and won the penalty shootout.

    Are we permitted to view this from the other side, and point to the 1997 WC qualifier, Australia v. Iran at the MCG, 2-0 with 15 minutes left, to 2-2 (and elimination)with 2 goals in three minutes.

  10. The Celtics in Game 4 of the 2008 NBA Finals came back from 24 points down in the third quarter. They went on a 21-3 point run late in the third and won 97-91 to go 3-1 in the series, eventually closing it out at The Garden in Game 6.

  11. The Lions beat Hawthorn after they wilted in the heat of the 4th quarter a while back. I think they took a 45 point lead and retird to the shade on the western side of the ground. The Lions saw them, took some heart from it and when they jagged a few goals ended up running over the top of them.

    A friend of mine by the last name of Kerlin, has identified the ‘Kerlin Curse’. When he gives up and goes for a durry or a toilet break during playing time his team will invariably mount a comeback. When he returns to his seat they will fold again. He has taken to staying away from any viewing position in order to invoke the positive aspect of the curse. There is much scientific about this guy…

  12. Was it Mount Eden who blew the start of a Miracle Mile before an astonishing win?
    Maybe someone can find it on You Tube?

  13. There was a one-day cricket match between Australia and the West Indies in about ’91 (one of the few I can claim to remember anything about) at the MCG. My boss left work early to watch the game. Australia put up a poor batting show and ended up with a total of around 170.

    When the Windies were 2/150, my boss had seen enough and joined a throng who had also given up hope and left. When he got home he discovered that the West Indies had suffered a collapse and he’d missed a miracle Aussie victory.

  14. Crio,
    Mount Eden it was. Not any easy task to give a start in a mile race around Harold Park but he went around them all and had it well won by the turn. Paste in the link below

  15. Alovesupreme says

    Gus #11. It was 1995, so it was the Bears. I think that win launched the Bears to their first finals series, where they were narrowly beaten by Carlton in the first final.
    According to the AFL Season Guide, that’s the record for successful final quarter comebacks.
    Budge#4 Essendon v NM (2001): The Bombers trailed by 69 points 10 minutes into the 2nd quarter (58 points at the first change)and won by 12, a record for greatest margin at any time in a match, where the trailing side won.
    I have a personal one; my son was playing his first ever final (D Grade VAFA) about 4-5 years ago. His team was leading by 9 goals at half-time and went to pieces in the 2nd half to lose by just more than a kick.

  16. Bayern this morning snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

  17. Jake "Cobba" Stevens says

    Last year my footy team was down 4 goals to 9 at three quarter time. We came back and won by a goal. Which was even more impressive considering we were second last on the ladder and they were second.

  18. Steve Healy says

    What immediately comes to my mind is Melbourne V Freo in 2008. Down by 50 at half time, we worked our way back with stuff like this . after that goal i knew we were a chance to win, but the Dockers actually kicked a couple before 3 quarter time to bring us down by 32, but we kicked 9 goals to 2 and the last quarter and won by a goal. ahhh that was a great day, best atmosphere ever for a game with under 20,000 fans.

  19. “The love that dare not speak its name”…….. that would be anyone who has any faith in richmond.

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