Crio’s Q? – It takes all types

Brendon Bolton, of a “bubbly personality”, is the appointed replacement for “grumpy” Mick at Carlton.

It takes all types…and the pathways/skillsets seem to be many and varied.

Although the selection committees appear obsessed with assistants from recent Premiers, the list of incumbents is an interesting mix of characters.

And, to be honest, it has always been so – Big Carl or Yabby Jeans. Wallsy or Blighty. Rolls Royce or Ratts. Schimma or Sheeds. There’s no real prototype/formula, which is a good thing I reckon.

This week’s Q is asking what players might have slipped under the radar. Who never got a shot but might have been a gun?…from more serious nominations like Gerard Healy to fascinators such as Jacko (or future proposals – Bob Murphy anyone?)

Suggestions please.


  1. G’day Crio. For quite a long time Brian Royal was spoken about as senior AFL coaching material, but never landed a job


  2. Phil Carmen.

  3. Fabulous Phil might have been a good coach. When at Sturt, he had plenty of players drafted which indicated good development, though the Club never progressed. Some stories about battles with management – our SASANFL knackers will know.

  4. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Paul Feltham won 5 out of the last 7 matches coaching Brisbane in 1989 when they were a basket case. One of the wins included beating eventual premier Hawthorn. Not a bad winning percentage.

  5. Fevola, he oozed responsibility and respect.

    On a more serious note, I’m tipping Whoosha Worsfold as a knockout chance for the Essendon gig.

  6. Why would he commit unless the sideshow is over and a new board is in place?

  7. They need Ronnie Andrews!

  8. cowshedend says

    Brereton! the pre match quarter time half and 3 quarter time address’s would last longer than the game.
    Dermie’s life motto “That’s enough about me, what do you think about me?”

  9. Paul Feltham, there’s a blast from the past. handy small forward with North Melbourne and Richmond. Phil i recall Hawthorn losing 3 games in 1989, though i’m trying to recall the Brisbane game.


  10. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Glen! Here are the stats from the match. Brad Hardie kicked 5 and Rocket Eade was playing with the Bears:

  11. Ta Phil. After winning their first two games in 1987 that was Brisbanes best win until 1995 when they beat ……., um Hawthorn, again,, after being a long way behind at 3/4 time. That started their run into their first finals series .


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