Crio’s Q?…imprinted memories of 2015

A soft final Q? for this year.

What do you reckon will be something from 2015 you’ll look back on and recall in your dotage?

I’m thinking Jason Day’s collapse in the US Open and subsequent win in the PGA. Unforgettable images.

And Michelle, Stevie and Weiry turning the clock back to romantic Melbourne Cup tales.

Not many moments will survive the ravages of aging, but some will remain indelibly marked as 2015.


  1. Mr Fanning punching a shark and Tex Walker’s run in the last quarter of the elimination final

  2. Neil Anderson says

    Watching Bob Murphy and his team after they beat the Swans up in Sydney in the rain early in the year.
    It was pure joy coupled with a wave of belief that they could now match it with anyone.

  3. Where does our pre lunch collapse on the opening day of the forth ashes test fit in this equation?


  4. John Butler says

    Chris Judd’s wave from the mobile stretcher, as it dawned on him and the crowd that it was all over.

    The depths of Carlton’s humiliation, round 7 vs GWS. The unexpected resolve in the dying minutes of the Port win, round 12 (not subsequently repeated).

    The batting of Kane Williamson – balance, precision, concentration, simplicity, pure class.

  5. Trucker Slim says


    Emmylou and Rodney Crowell at the Palais

    Our eldest, Maddi completes Yr 12

    Did I mention the Hawks threepeat!

  6. Stevie Payne picking out Barrier 1 for the Melbourne Cup. And Michelle’s cool, calm ride.

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