Crio’s Q? – habits of 2016

It’s not the pledge I’d like to make for the New Year but, if I’m to be honest, I reckon I’ll get to less sport whilst seeing more than ever on TV during 2016.

Scheduling. Life. Habits.

I’d love to project a plan for more involvement but, alas, the couch seems to be winning.

Do others share this scenario or is playing/watching still a likely priority for this year?


  1. Neil Anderson says

    The rise and the rise of the Bulldogs last year has got my hopes up for a great 2016.
    With the test cricket washed out and the short holiday over, I checked the fixture to decide which games I would attend. I selected games against those teams the Bulldogs haven’t beaten for quite a while starting with Fremantle in Round 1. Then versus Hawthorn and Geelong. If the Dogs really have improved, they have to start beating those teams and I want to be there to see it happen.
    I selected about seven matches to attend, but like you Crio, the attraction of watching Bulldog matches on the big screen will probably win out. Especially for the three Friday- night matches. Of course for me the 500k round trip by car or train is an easy choice to cancel when deciding between TV or attending.

  2. Intending to get to even more VFL.
    I certainly don’t want to watch more AFL on TV – don’t reckon it translates well – but I watch more and more golf, soccer, overseas Tests …the choices are fantastic

  3. Evening crio and friends.

    I’ve been absent for sometime due to being overseas and not really being online. I had a mistress of sorts with me at several destinations and, although I find this medium very entertaining and interesting, she had other priorities which I was more than happy to abide to. Now I’m back to the real world and having to deal with all the stuff that’s piled up.

    Crio, I’m definitely a watcher these days, not really a couch potato though, I prefer to be more active and stand at a bar table (in a bar). Good exercise standing! Good for posture etc.

    Neil, I agree, the Bulldogs did look the big improvers last year and as Bruce would say, their coach just might be something “special”. Can’t see a lot of other big movers, Port are being tipped as the dark horse but I hear that every year and North and Richmond will be hanging around 7th-10th spot again and should soon be charged with loitering. Essendon will probably take a year or two but they finally have the chance to move forward with a proven coach. Woosha will be a big plus for them mentally.

    Good luck to all for the NY.

  4. G’day Crio,

    As I live in Kyoto, Japan, watching footy at a footy pub in Osaka would be the major option to follow the mighty Saints. But I am planning to travel to Melbourne to watch footy at the stadium this year. Hopefully I will be able to watch Round 12 against Carlton.



  5. Someone sent this to me today, thought it may be of interest.

    The sales on the Gold Coast may have even already started.

  6. I don’t have Foxtel because it would be too addictive and I’d never do anything but watch sport. My 2016 sport resolutions are to go interstate for 2 games with the Eagles this season (Adelaide and the MCG), as well as all the home games we see as members. Think the nephew can make Swan Districts league side this season, so will go to the WAFL once or twice a month to watch him. And take a few strokes off the golf handicap.
    Will probably retire (or be retired) from work in the next year or two, so Foxtel can wait for then. And once retired I’ll get a weekday golf club membership instead of the public courses on weekends.
    “Fox Sports are lovely, dark and deep,
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.”

  7. Mick Jeffrey says

    In terms of watching Live, it will probably be a similar level to 2015. In terms of playing it all depends how I go in Canberra a week before the season. If I don’t pull up well after the 50km event there I’ll probably pull the pin to concentrate on running.

  8. I’ll be attending more Bay games this year in the hope they’re on the improve…Port game at Glenelg is round 20 August 13th, there are a few Friday night games early in the season, I also intend to make my first trip to Adelaide Oval in about 7 years sometime this year, hope I’m not disappointed.
    I’ll be suffering through all Carlton matches on Fox and reckon that Yoshi has picked his mark very well to see a Saints game.
    Racing will be a couch sport and I’ll continue on my quest to get a pick 4 in a major- so close in the Caulfield Cup last year, i hope I don’t go broke trying.
    My key sporting goal will be to eliminate 3 putting ( or worse), if I can do that I’ll be some hope of a sub 80 on a not too difficult course.

  9. As 2016 is likely to be an historic year in the HFL, sorry I mean the AFL, I will do my darndest to attend as many Hawks games as possible … and probably only get to a half a dozen or so.

    I have never had Foxtel or cable and can’t see that happening this year.

    I will be attending as many games of the Preston Bullants U14s and Darebin Falcons U18s as possible as well as offering volunteering support to those teams.


  10. Will probably be watching a lot of Women’s footy this year. My oldest daughter is pulling on the boots for the Kew Bears. Should be interesting. Will get to watch Geelong a few times as they unleash their new and devastating midfield.

  11. Crio. I know you’re just trying to generate thought.

    But please, before doing things like this can you please just pause and consider – what would Rick Kane or Trucker Slim do with this?

    And then – don’t do it.


  12. Dave Brown says

    The lad hits Year 2 this year which means school footy. Add to that club footy and first year of Auskick for the lass and as many SANFL games as possible with a couple of Crows games and a trip to Melbourne on 3 or 10 July and who has time to watch footy on the TV? I try to avoid giving Rupert money wherever possible.

    One of these years I plan to take three weeks off work and watch the Tour de France in its entirety on the couch. Won’t be this year, though.

  13. One goal this year is to not have so many of my selections finishing 4th. Not off to the best start, getting a 4th @ Esperance on Friday night, then Crackajck running 4th @ Warrnambool on Sunday. Grrrrrrrr.


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