Crio’s Q? – flair or lair?

Adem Ljajic scored last night with a “Panenka”.

It is a high risk, subtle penalty which deceives a goalie with a brazen lack of pace.

Ljacic had some things in his favour:

  • He had already scored with a screaming free kick through the wall
  • The match was an exhibition/practice of no enduring consequence
  • He nailed it!

Not so his teammate Doumbia who attempted another – and failed. Hart saved (he’s been hurt before – remember Pirlo in the World Cup?) and City won.

Was Ljacic being audacious or lairising?

How about Steve Smith? Batting at Lord’s for cricket’s biggest prize, Australia’s vice-captain dragged out the party tricks to get the ball to leg.

Again; flamboyant, creative or irresponsible?

Is it just a matter of having the talent and the nerve to make the right call about time and place for “exhibitionism”? Or is it even simpler – if it comes off, you’re a star. If not, prepare for the fallout.


  1. cowshedend says

    Reckon in an exhibition game you can do whatever you want.. haven’t seen too many basketball sides having to endure the humiliation of their opponents bringing ladders out on the court as the Washington Generals do!
    As for Smith, reckon Broad would have bowled 3 foot outside off for the entire session to eat up time if Smith hadn’t improvised, not once did Broad have the bottle to try and take middle and leg whilst Smith took guard on the return crease.
    Steve Johnson, there’s a case of the 2 bob lair, what was once ‘mercurial’, is now tiresome and predictable, reckon anyone who increases the difficulty for no obvious gain is having a bit of a ‘look at me’ moment.

  2. Spot on Cowshedend re Steve Johnson. At his peak a sterling contributor in 3 flags, but all that is now past tense.

    As a former Geelong supporter i would say Ronnie Burns came into that category. When he was good, he was good, when he was bad the team suffered. He’d evade two tackles, be 25 metres out on a slight angle, but want to get through a third tackle, only to be run down, and the ball turns over.

    Mike Gatting in the 1987 World cup final; a Big Zero.


  3. Dave Brown says

    Also remember Michael Jordan taking a free throw with his eyes closed in a real game. From memory he made the shot. I think I’ve come round to thinking that you can say whatever you like and lairise as much as you like as long as you can back it up with your actions. It’s potential to bamboozle, frustrate and demoralise opponents is significant.

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