Crio’s Q: Common Trivia

There are seasonal trivia questions which to insiders are general knowledge.


Last week a racing panellist said he never goes to a trivia night that

doesn’t ask:

“What ran third to Bonecrusher and Our Waverley Star? (The Filbert)


We all know the type: “Who’d Jezza mark over?” (Jerker)


As Charlie Dixon slotted one early last year, little buffs filed the

“First goal for the Suns?” answer into their repertoire.


So, get them out now please? Don’t wait until January for the annual:

“Last male to win the Australian Open Tennis?” (Eddo)


Churn out those most common of sports trivia Q+As.



  1. David Downer says

    Who was at the non-striker’s end in the Aus-NZ underarm incident?

  2. DD – Lance Cairns?

    Who was the Brown Bomber?

  3. Dips, I thought it was Geoff Howarth, but am probably mistaken.

  4. How many times does the letter “J” appear in the team lists for major leagues in UK soccer?

    Eg. England prem through to 2nd Division, Scotland all major divisions etc.

  5. DD,
    for some reason I anticipated a cricket one first up…betting was divided between an “underarm” reference or the old “Who got Bradman out in his last Test knock?” (Hollies)

  6. David Downer says

    Who was the only player to captain both Carlton and Collingwood?

  7. DD – who cares?

  8. Steve Fahey says

    DD How would Keith Stackpole junior rate as the answer ?

    Dips, without googling I think it was Joe Louis, definitely an old boxer, I think him

  9. Steve Fahey says

    Can I add “Who kicked five goals in the 1990 GF ?” (Essendon)


    Name the one test players since 1970 (leave this to someone else, used to know it until about 3 years ago when blokes like Peter George and Beau Casson have played)

  10. Name the Australian left-hand batsmen to have made a test century since the war.

  11. My favourite – and points for getting this one: which University of Queensland fast bowler played 86 tests for Australia?

  12. JTH – Carl Rackemann?

    Steve Fahey – correct – Joe Louis.

  13. but these, boys, are “real” trivia.
    I was thinking of some of the stuff we just know as you follow sports…

    “Why did Bob Pratt miss the 1935 GF?” (clipped by a truck when hopping off a tram on the Th night)
    “What was Lionel Rose’s hit single?” (I Thank You)

  14. Skip of Skipton says


    too easy. John Eales.

  15. Skip of Skipton says

    Also when counting australian left handers that have made test centuries since the war, don’t forget B.Nash of the West Indies.

  16. Name the Victorian fast-bowler who was also a VFL umpire (include his nickname in your answer)?

    Name the former Collingwood footballer who is mentioned in a song recorded by early 80s outlaw country band The Dead Livers? (also name the song)

    Damian Drum became a state politician after his coaching career failed. Name the federal politician who became a succesful coach after leaving politics?

    Who was the nephew of an Australian Prime Minister who played VFL fotball and which clubs did he play with?

  17. Dave N – From recollection – I think Alan “Froggy” Thomson was an umpire? I think Ric Charlesworth must be the ex Federal Politician and successful coach. Olympic Gold with the Hockeyroos and World Cups etc in 2010 with the mens hockey team. We won’t mention stints with the Dockers and NZ cricket team.
    From Wikipedia – John Curtin’s nephew Claude played 93 games for Fitzroy (topping the goal kicking and kicking over 50 goals in each of those seasons). Also played 4 games for the Kangaroos.
    From Dead Livers and Brain Cells – no help there.

  18. Well played Skip.

  19. That didn’t take long…and actually I’d forgotten Ric Charlesworth’s stints with the Dockers and the NZ cricket team. I was thinking about his hockey record which would give him a case to be considered one of Ausralia’s best coaches in any sport.

    Let’s see how long it takes for someone to answer the Dead Livers question?

  20. I was always fascinated by people who were top sportsmen in several sports. In the 60’s when I was growing up the combination were cricket and footy – and cricket and baseball.
    Who was the last person to play Sheffield Shield and VFL/SANFL/WAFL in the same season?
    Name 2 Australian Test opening bowlers of the 1960’s who played VFL/SANFL/WAFL at the same time?
    Name 2 winners of the Helms Award for the best Australian baseballer in the Claxton Shield competition who also played Sheffield Shield cricket?

  21. Mick Jeffrey says

    I thought it was Bruce Edgar (who carried his bat for a ton) at the non-strikers end for underarm. He was stuck there all over whilst Richard Hadlee, Ian Smith and Brian McKechnie were getting the runs.

  22. Mick Jeffrey says

    A couple of toughish ones for you….

    – We all know about Leon Davis not getting a touch in the 2002 GF, Which 2 Brisbane Lions players suffered the same fate?

    – (One from a YouTube that I saw recently) Which current St.Kilda player starred for Essendon in their 1999 Reserves premiership win against the Saints?

    – The New Year’s Day ODI between Australia and the West Indies is forever remembered as Michael Bevan’s match, but who won the official Man of the Match?

    – Which Carlton player scored a goal in a Grand Final in 1998?

  23. Skip of Skipton says

    Dave N.
    Just a guess, but I’ll say the Dead Livers song was about my cousin Ronny. They used to play at his pub, the Star o’ the West back in the day.

  24. Skip of Skipton says

    Mick Jeffrey

    Your first three are too easy.

    The last one was a lateral thinker which I like.


  25. Dave Nadel says

    Absolutely right, Skip. The song is about Ronny Wearmouth and his pub and is actually called The Star of the West. It was written by Warrnambool musician (and Magpie supporter) Michael Schack who played bass with the Livers and was a bloody good song.

  26. Who played in both a VFL and SANFL Grand Final in the same year in the 60’s? From memory he won the VFL and his team lost the SANFL. He didn’t get a kick in the SANFL. (Hint – Gigs favourite coach).

  27. Skip of Skipton says

    Name the cricketer, who after playing his third Test match, had to wait 22 years and 222 days before playing his fourth?

    Hero of the Almanac medal for whoever gets this one.

  28. John Traicos

  29. First Tests were for Sth Africa and last ones for Zimbabwe

  30. Skip of Skipton says

    Well done Pal. I hope I didn’t make the answer to my qestion too googleabe via the 22 222 clue.
    Interesting story that of Traicos. Greek Egyptian immigrant to Rhodesia etc.

  31. Who was so fast, he could flick the light switch off and be in bed before it went out?

  32. Peter Flynn says


    Assuming WWII.

    Have I got them all?

    N Harvey
    M Taylor
    M Hussey
    G Matthews
    P Hughes
    R Marsh
    S Marsh
    P Jaques
    WB Phillips
    D Hookes
    A Turner
    M Johnson
    T Mann
    Gout Gilmour


  33. Tony Roberts says

    Possible answer to Pete’s question at 2.46pm about the light switch; Learie Constantine (Old Electric Heels)?

  34. Skip of Skipton says

    Peter B

    I reckon Geoff Parker might have been the last VFL(Essendon) and Sheffield Shield (Vic,SA) player.
    Late 80s.

  35. Ex Clarence boy Peter B. Probably still pissed from the week before.

    How will Freo go in round 1 at home against the Cats?

  36. Ripsnorter says

    Think Craig Bradley may have done so after Geoff Parker and Clarke from Fremantle and Western Australia is another who may have played both top level football and shield cricket at the same time.

  37. Skip – B. Nash is playing cricket for Doutta Stars this season!

  38. Tangles?

  39. Dave Nadel says

    Crio, I read about Brendan Nash’s recruitment by Doutta Stars in my local paper and couldn’t believe my eyes. The gap between playing for the West Indies and playing suburban cricket is huge. If Nash cannot get a game for the Windies surely you would expect him to play for Queensland or Victoria. At the very least for one of the District teams….but Doutta Stars……!!??

  40. Skip of Skipton says

    Peter B and Ripsnorter. Craig Bradley played two shield games for Victoria in the 89/90 season having also played two matches for Sth Aust in 83/84. Parker played 3 games of footy for Essendon and a few games for the Vics in cricket, before retiring and later enjoying a more successful comeback playing cricket for Sth Aust in the late 90s.

  41. Skip of Skipton says

    crio, I did read that about Brendan Nash in the paper a couple of weeks ago. Not unprecedented, I remember Eldine Baptiste playing a season for City in the Geelong CA in the 80s while he was in his prime.

  42. Was Royce Hart was the VFL/SAFL grand final player? A national service idiosyncracy IIRC.

    Andrew Ettingshausen, the Rugby League player, was described by the great Jack Gibson as being “so fast he could turn out the light and be in bed before it got dark”.

  43. @Tony Roberts: Had not heard of Learie. Will look him up. The light switch thing is a quote from Muhammud Ali when he was in Africa to fight Foreman. “When we were kings” is an outstanding sports documentary.

    @skip: Eldine Baptiste. I was at the MCG a long time ago for an Aus v WI one-day game. Viv made 106 from memory and was absolutely devestating. Aussies were in trouble, and Border came in to bat. Everything seemed to slow right down, and it seemed to take an eternity for him to get to the middle.

    Baptiste was bowling and just as he released the ball, a bloke in front called, “Bowled him!!” And it did; first ball, middle stump I think. It was a surreal feeling because even though we were all in disbelief, there was also an electricity that also kept the whole crowd up and excited. I guess it was just the aura of the West Indies back then.

    The other thing I distinctly remember from that game was how little Gus Logie was, but how fast he was also.

  44. Royce Hart played for Glenelg in 1969 GF loss to Sturt after winning the VFL flag with Richmond. Got flattened in first quarter but still named in Glenelg’s best players on the day. Still can’t believe they dropped Darrell Moss for that dud!

  45. Who is the only AFL ‘premiership player’ never to have played in a winning AFL Grand Final?

  46. James, might this be a player who played in a drawn GF but not the replay and who still received a medallion?

  47. Bingo Gigs! Or to ask another question with the same answer: Who is the only man to play an AFL Grand Final & record no more stats than a dead man?

  48. Gareth Andrews says

    Cameron Mooney with the Roos

  49. Peter Flynn says


    You feature here in a glorious passage of play.

  50. Skip of Skipton says

    Aaron Shattock (Brisbane, 2002) didn’t get on the stats sheet either.

  51. Ah Flynny,

    I remember the good old days when the Cats didn’t win.

    Is theer any footage of that Bill Ryan round 1 post siren goal that won the game for the Cats against you know who. I’d like to see that.

  52. 1967

  53. Peter Flynn says


    About 25 seconds in.

  54. You just made an old man very happy Flynny.

  55. That was a pivotal preamble to the protracted period of wobbles.

    They lost the last game the season before by a point and woz robbed and the first game of the next season by a point and woz robbed again.

  56. Peter B’s question about Australian opening bowlers who were also senior footballers: Neil Hawke is definitely one. I’m doubtful that Max Walker qualifies because it specifies 1960s.
    A surprising find is that Graeme Watson played football for Melbourne, as well as playing cricket in three States and representing Australia, probably in that period. I’m doubtful if he opened the bowling.

  57. Michael Clark (one game for Fremantle) played Sheffield Shield cricket for WA after he’d retired from footy.

    1. Name the East Perth team mates who opened the batting for WA.

    2. Name the full forward who scored a century for East Perth and opened the bowling for Australia.

    3. Name the Swan Districts ruckman who played one Test for Australia.

  58. Les,

    if sparrows found it impossible toget across the Nullabor then how would you expect that sort of intelligence to get to the east coast.

  59. Skip of Skipton says

    I hadn’t heard of the answers to 1. and 3. unfortunately. I never knew Hawke was a gun full-forward. Interesting.

    1.Ken Macaully and Derek Chadwick.

    2. Neil Hawke.

    3. Keith Slater.

  60. Jamie Siddons also probably deserves a mention – played a couple of games for the Swans and never played for Australia but probably a crime he never did.

  61. Eric Freeman was a beauty, kicking buckets of goals for Port in the SANFL and playing Test cricket. In fact, i think one year he returned from an ashes tour and went straight in to the Magpies’ finals side.

  62. Nice work Skip, though it is McAullay. Tassie Medallist 1972 when he blanketed Peter McKenna in the carnival.

    Phantom, intelligence about WA footballers seemed to drift easily across the Nullabor from the very early days…

    4. Name the Subiaco premiership player who took a five wicket haul in his only Test match.

  63. Peter Flynn says

    G’day Les,

    He’s into real estate in a major way.

  64. PeterB Oct 25 John Swanson played Sheffield Shield for Victoria and won a Helms award. Neil Buszard won a Helms Award and was a selector for the Bushrangers but despite playing over 300 games of District cricket I don’t think he actually represented Victoria in the Shield. I just looked through a list of Helms winners and didn’t recognise a second Sheild player which probably means that the second player (a) probably did not play a lot of Shield matches and (b0 probably did not play for Victoria.

    Put me out of my misery Peter. Tell me who he was.

  65. come on guys…the spirit of this was that sports “nobs” find some Qs common knowledge that others might consider obscure.
    If I get a pop-culture Q I’m a million to one. Apparently there are those who are likewise on topics that we consider general knowledge.
    answers should be supplied.

  66. I reckon its MF Malone

  67. What unfortunate initials for Mick!

  68. Terrific stuff everyone. Great to think about top sportsmen and memories to clear the Roebuckian fog.
    My 2 SA footballer/cricketers were Neil Hawke and Eric Freeman as Almanackers deduced. Hawke played a few games for Port Adelaide in the late 50’s then returned to Perth and came back to SA where he played footy at FF/CHF for my team West Torrens and was a wonderful opening bowler for SA/Aust. Probably the best partner Graham McKenzie ever had at test level. Big strong, open chested in swingers at pace. Max Walker with an extra 5-10K’s. Had a bad knee which limited his careers and would have been an absolute champ without it. Eric Freeman worked in the same bank as my Dad in SA. Probably a better footballer than Hawke, but not as skilful a bowler. Always full hearted and a great athlete with strength, endurance and heart before that was a professional requirement. Came back from the 1968 Ashes tour and played as a reserve (before interchanges) in one of the 6 succcessive Sturt/Port GF’s – Port won the first and Sturt the next 5. Freeman was brought on and kicked 2 after half time in a close game where he might have made the difference if he was played all game (before interchanges). I remember my Dad would ring him up for a local fundraiser and he would come up and spend a day/night for just petrol money and board. You wouldn’t get someone of similar stature for under $5K these days.

    Dave N – the other Helms baseballer /Shield cricketer was Dave Mundy. You were right – non Victorian and probably only played a couple of seasons of Sheffield Shield for SA as an opening bowler/all rounder. He was a marvellous fast ball pitcher – strong as an ox. A whole hearted cricketer when SA struggled for quicks in the early 70’s. I was a cricket/footy/races man but often went to Norwood Oval for the baseball under lights. In hindsight the SA baseball of the 70’s was probably the best of the lot. Neil Page (left handed pitcher); Kevin Greatrex (slugger) and Gary Thompson (catcher/batter) were great talents who would excel today.

    Ian and Greg Chappel; Norm O’Neil were all great fielders who honed their fielding skills in winter baseball. They had that classic ‘over the top’ (rather than side arm) accurate throws from baseball. Must have been many others. But I am relying on memory rather than Google tonight. Cheers.

  69. One other cricketer/baseballer was Jack Potter. Jack captained Victoria in Lawry’s absence and was the best fieldsman in the Victorian side. He was also a pretty good batsman. He was the Phys Ed teacher at Heidelberg High when I was a srudent there in the early 60s. Jack would always encourage good cricketers to take up baseball in the winter (I know this because I knew some of the cricketers, I was not one of Heidelberg’s good cricketers myself).

  70. Brad Green hadwas apparently in Man United’s sights and was a promising school cricketer but chose to concentrate on Footy

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