Crio’s Q: Any tips?

I’m making a distinction here between tipping comps and the punt. Mostly, a tipping poll is for bragging rights but the punt is for profit. I know there is a crossover but they aren’t the same thing, though no doubt the difference is often blurred.

Soccer Pools, for example, the game that made Sangster billions, was originally just a simple selection for English football winners or draws.

“Spread betting”, too, has moved from one sphere heavily in to the other.

Picking AFL and NRL footy results weekly and an annual Cup sweep is commonplace in Australia.

Other comps, though, are more inventive.

Here at the Almanac we have Gigs’ Ladder Ladder, the top8 and a traditional tipping comp.

I must say that a personal favourite is the “Last Man Standing”, a seemingly simple but ultimately maddening concept.

In racing many enjoy a Spring tipping comp using various rules and regs.

There are many variations of the theme. Many ways to maintain a “vested interest”.

Have you some to recount…or ones worth implementing?


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