crio’s Q?

Doha reset the bar.
Fixturing can be a contentious topic.
Yesterday (26/1) the SCG was awash whilst blue skies smiled down upon an empty Adelaide Oval.
Tonight Newcastle hosts the Socceroos, with vacant mounds assured at each end of the field.
Tomorrow night the BBL final, guaranteed to fill any home ground, is set for the small, neutral Manuka.
Go figure!
Examples and suggestions please.


  1. Another blunder by me. It appears the authorities have permitted fans at the “end zones” banks for the soccer tonight. Ground and crowd looks great. As Timmy Cahill has said, the national side should be able and expected to play anywhere in the country.

  2. matt watson says

    Off the top of my head, scheduling big games at Docklands.

  3. Anytime the Under 10s are scheduled at a different ground than the Under 12s so I only get to see one kid play on a weekend. Heartbreaking.

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