Crio’s Cricket Question: Where is our next generation?

It is really hard to speculate on emerging cricketers when there is such a long hiatus in the Shield calendar.
Batsmen in particular are restricted in opportunities to “thrust their names in front of the selectors” other than in BBL. Wrist spinners, too, lack decks and hence chances.
Here’s a “Crio’s Question” from Nov 2011 where we tried to locate some up+comers…some of whom have kicked on whilst others faded.
Surely we aren’t looking at Dave Hussey’s generation?
It might be time now for an update. Any “supplementary” players to note?


  1. The Australian first-class season is now severely compromised by the fixturing. It is clear that the BBL fixture takes pride of place; the result is that players find themselves selected for the Test squad despite not having played any Shield cricket for weeks.
    Does anyone have a clue (selectors included) as to whom may replace M Hussey in the batting line-up? I’m all for picking Vics, but was G Maxwell really the next cab off the rank? Don’t tell me he was picked as an all-rounder…Warney has used him for one over in the BBL so obviously really rates him!
    It is cruel, but D Hussey has now missed the boat. His early-season form was modest and he bats too low for the Melb Stars. And he is too old. He will unfortunately end up in the S Law/J Siddons unfulfilled Test career club.

  2. Gents, it could be worse than speculating about D Hussey getting a call up. There is a push on from some of those in NSW for Brad Haddin to be recalled as a specialist batsman. Now that is a concern !


  3. I’m hearing you both. The Haddin push is nauseating and they’ll want him as vice-captain. He is about 4th in line as keeper – Paine should get the nod, then Wade and probablky Ludeman. If Haddin is a Test top 6 then it reinforces the total lack of development.
    If he, or most other flat track bullies around the globe, face a swinging ball, it is all over. anyone else see NZ last night?
    Anderson will slice through our top order. They might even wheel sim on Jones out for fun!
    Selectors have pinned hope on Johnson as a quasi allrounder. But you don’t get one or the other. when his bowling is penetrative, his confidence rises and he can really bat – as an 8 he is a beauty. When one fails it all falls apart.
    The idea of a couple of “almosts” like Maxwell and Johnson filling 6 and 7 has never, ever worked. The poms even tried to push Prior, a combative batter, up to 6 and it did not work.
    You must have an opener who can stick and leave the ball. Soak up overs. Be patient. A versatile 3. Run scorers at 4,5,6 who benefit from the foundation set earlier. The keeper and bowlers. All the new generation quicks bat OK so 9,10, Jack looks pretty solid.
    Time to try Doolan. I’d love to see if Shaun Marsh can get 1st class runs because he has the technique and the shots to be a 3.
    Maybe these guys will need to play a season of county cricket to get consistent matches and varying conditions?

  4. Ferguson was the heir apparent before he got injured. Hasn’t set the world on fire since his return, but might just be one of those who needs to be thrust into the Test side to get him going. Should at least go to India.

  5. Anyone else watching some of India v Pak…. the tall lefty is remarkable

  6. Skip of Skipton says

    Tim Paine in as keeper and Wade to 6 as the all-rounder! Now on a more serious note, Forrest looked good when I saw him in one-dayers last summer. What’s the go there?

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