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When I first grabbed a 2010 Fixture back in March it is fair to say that the Freo v Melb Subi twilighter in Round 16 escaped my focus. Yet, as the Demons launched an improbable fightback in the third quarter, I found myself riding their wave of momentum. And not for the romance. NO – this would then become a victory for my Dogs, an unexpected bonus in our push for a top four finish.

Doubtless, many Swannies, Crows, Blues and Roos fans have experienced the same this weekend whilst eyeing off each others’ score updates.

Similar scenarios will be repeated throughout the remainder of the season as fans factor in various results and then the implications on their own team’s destiny – for the double chance, the final eight or even the wooden spoon.

What games can you foresee – and recall- for their extra importance for third parties?


  1. Tony Robb says

    Crio, a slightly different bent to your question. In a game that possibly could have allowed the Roos to move into the eight or could have affected the final make up of the eight, would it have smarter to pay the $20K fine to get a fresh player on the bench. Collingwood or Essendon wouldnt have blinked at the thought but a cash strapped club like the Kangas or Port wouldn’t even consider it. At times the level playing field looks rather like the docklands surface.

  2. It is also interesting that you can “buy favour”, just like the real world. There is nothing wrong with bringing in an unnamed player as long as you have the money….reminds me of the old joke about,
    “Now we’ve established what you are we can start haggling over the price”!

  3. Back on to the topic, what about adelaide’s failure to “seize the day”?

  4. If the Cats beat the Pies AGAIN in a few weeks that will surely see them off for 2010. If not, that rabid bunch from the slums of Victoria Park…..sorry Lexus Centre, might rise out of the mire with new found confidence.

  5. Andrew Fithall says

    Westpac Centre Dips. Get with the program. My only surprise is you stared your comment with “If” rather than “When”.

    The Geelong – Bulldogs game is looming as crucial.

  6. Westpac Centre? Good to see the Pies staying with their traditional working class roots.

  7. Dave Latham says

    It’s high time for Pie time. I’m already writing the list of people I intend to have words with on the 26th September.

  8. Back on the topic!!!!!!!!!…the World Cup has had some farcical games where sides “agree” to draw and thus get their preferred qualification. Other sides see that possibility and their hearts sink.
    In the Qualifying rounds everyone is looking at other matches with an eye to its implications for their own team.

  9. Who knows? Maybe the ‘dead-rubber’ game of Melbourne v North Melbourne in Round 22 will decide the final spot in the top eight?

  10. Josh, the AFL have implemented an “open” date policy for Round 22…let’s hope it is exciting (except for Dogs being safely 4th!)

  11. The two preliminary finals.

    The two gracious losers will allow one of the grateful winners to “go preeeemiers” next week.

    #7. You talk’n about chunky pepper beef or quiche Dave?

  12. Tony, 1#, with all due respect for a fellow Knacker I must note an apparent gramatical error in your statement.

    Instead of reading ‘would it have smarter to pay the $20K fine to get a fresh player on the bench. Collingwood or Essendon wouldnt have blinked at the thought’

    The error sticks out like the rear end of a dog.

    Should it not read ‘would it have smarter to pay the $20k to get a fresh player on the bench. Collingwood and Essendon would not be expected to pay the $20k because they draw bigger crowds to their sole rights blockbusters’

  13. Tony Robb says

    Point taken Phantom. The Pies and Dons should not be subject to nonsense such as rules or travelling excessively.

  14. Andrew Fithall says

    Crio – the fixture for round 22 has actually been announced. Freo Carl are Fri night. 5 games on the Saturday/Saturday night and then Rich Adel and Melb North on the Sunday

  15. Thanks, Andrew, I’d forgotten that. Have they got it right?

  16. Andrew Fithall says

    In terms of waiting until the last game for a cliffhanger… no. But nor should they. In terms of being able to structure an equitable week one of finals, with all teams having at least a 7-day break, it looked okay when first issued, but Freo’s fall may cause problems. Although it could be that Freo play Carlton two weeks running on Friday night – both in WA.

  17. I thought it looked good at the time Crio.

    As it stood it looked as though those more likely to make the eight would be able to start preparing on Sunday. The extra day for all looked quite sensible to me.

    Looks like Adelaide and the Kangas may struggle from here, Melb are too hot and cold and Richmond are just Richmond.

    Oh dear, I appear to be agreeing with the AFL. Now there’s a precident. I am feeling faint: must go and sit down.

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