Old (woollen) footy jumpers: Warrnambool Technical School 1928 (Premiers)

Neil Anderson has sent in a photo of his father’s premiership side – from 1928. [Classic – Ed]

Poignancy personified: a postscript from Gerry Both

Gerry The Torp Both with a poignant postscript to his earlier piece on his old woollen Adelaide Uni Blacks jumper.

Yallourn FC Seconds c1963

Rod Oaten takes his place in the pantheon of Yallourn seconds sides.

Old Woollen Footy Jumpers: Blackburn High School, 1966

Sasha Lennon uncovers a photo of Blackburn High’s 1966 team featuring long-time Almanac supporter Roger Gibbins.

Old Woollen Footy Jumpers: Battlescars and Wonderful Wanganeen

An old woollen footy jumper, battle-scarred, takes Ged McMahon back to great days of Windy Hill, the MCG, and G. Wanganeen.

Woollen Jumpers: Simpler Times

Rod Oaten found a 60 year old picture of his younger self and brother pretending to be John Coleman in their Dromana backyard. Everything was hand stitched (including the footy). And if you tell the kids of today………………..

Old Woollen Footy Jumpers: Darren Jarman

Would Darren Jarman fit into this old Roosters jumper?

The beauty and function of wool (in footy jumpers, blankets and beards)

Clint Rule still wears his old footy jumper as a barrier against the Adelaide cold, to differentiate himself from Gen Y, and because he’s a tight-arse.

Old Woollen Footy Jumpers – Gerry (The Torp) Both: Adelaide Uni Blacks. A Blast from the Past

Gerry ‘The Torp’ Both finds his old Blacks jump and recalls the stories of (many) players and teams, premierships and defeats, aching tragedy and great joy. [Great stuff – Ed]

Old Woollen Footy Jumpers: Peter Haby – Barwon Football Club

Peter Haby played for Barwon Under 15s with his mate Ken Robinson – in 1957. Recently the jumpers were found in an old trunk in their coach Ronnie Houghton’s garage.

My first (woollen) Richmond Jumper

Nick Stafford still fits his footy jumper. [Love this celebration of everyday Australian life, returning to that which formed us – Ed]

Old woollen footy jumpers: Name the venue, the club, the year, the mascot, and all of the players.

Look at those jumpers. Can anyone shed some light on this? Would love to name all the players, and the mascot (who may have alerted us to the photo). Someone must know the story.

Old (Woollen) Footy Jumpers – Studfield Hawks Junior FC: Sasha Lennon

Where is Studfield? And which of these young champions is Sasha Lennon?

Stubbsy’s Wesley Hill Woollen Footy Jumper

TR has a bit of a country footy jumper collection going. This one brings back memories of a painful defeat by a cross town rival and of country clubs that have ceased to be.

A brother’s jumper

Vin Maskell clings to the memory of a football jumper he will never see or touch again.

Coleraine Football Club: Bill Bailey

Wool-grower Bill Bailey played for the Maroons in the late ’60s, and his woollen footy jumper still serves him well.

Old Woollen Footy Jumpers: How a life might have been warped, but wasn’t

Ross Hay was still in short pants when he arrived from Scotland. Despite living in Geelong, he was given a Pies jumper. In this yarn his father Roy explains why. [You may know Roy: he’s the bloke whose mobile phone went off while being interviewed by Paul Kennedy on national TV – ABC Brekkie – this morning. He’s also author – with Bill Murray – of A History of Football in Australia. Ed]

Don Heath’s Ararat wool jumper and ‘Delicate’ Des Dickson

Rob Heath has some ripper pix of his Dad’s Ararat wool jumper from the 60s and stories of clashes with former Hawthorn hard man ‘Delicate’ Des Dickson. It served Rob well through his sporting career in a most unlikely way.

Winchelsea FC: Chris Bracher

Beaut little story from Chris Bracher (looking very Curly Austin) about how he trains in his woollen Winchelsea FC woollen jumper every week.

Footy Jumper: Elizabeth High School 1975-77

Swish Schwerdt still has the maroon and gold woollen jumper from the day when he snapped 11 big ones from the forward pocket on Elizabeth Oval (over 3 games – it was a school carnival).