AFLW Round 2 – Brisbane v Western Bulldogs: Bulldogs on the rise but young pup goes down

Yoshi had to settle for watching the replay of his Bulldogs AFLW match this week as his train to Osaka had no wifi to livestream. He used the trip to catch up on some reading with Titus O’Reily’s ‘A Throughly Unhelpful History of Australian Sport’.

AFLW Round 2 – Brisbane Lions v Western Bulldogs: Photo Gallery by Ingrid Baade

Photographer Ingrid Baade was at Sunday’s AFLW clash between the Brisbane Lions and Western Bulldogs and has taken these fantastic images.

AFLW Round 2 – Brisbane Lions v Western Bulldogs: Dogs have their day in the sun

The hot and humid conditions were not the home advantage the Brisbane Lions hoped for as they went down to the Dogs on Sunday. Danielle Spicer reports.

AFLW Round 2 – Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs: Pride of the West

Daughter of the west Danielle Croci watched on with pride as her Bulldogs defeated the Lions in tough heat conditions in Brisbane.

AFLW Round 2 – Brisbane Lions v Western Bulldogs : Fitting it all in

Yvette Wroby makes it a quaddy and watches all four games. Heartbroken at all the injuries, she is still amazed that these tough players give it a crack. Finding something positive in every game, she reports on the Western Bulldogs taking the win in 35 degree heat on Sunday afternoon. And being able to watch it live.