Almanac Human Rights: The Scourge of Homelessness

Homelessness, for many of us, is an issue difficult to comprehend, and one that needs resolution to ensure everyone has the right to an adequate standard of living. Ian Wilson discusses the issue from the point of view of one who works in the mental health industry.

Almanac (Community) Footy: National Inclusion Carnival 2023

Vin Maskell previews the annual FIDA national championships which get underway in Ipswich this weekend.

Almanac Life: Got a Durry Mate?

Ian Wilson reflects upon his experiences when smoking was part of everyday life.

Almanac Humanitarian Life: Highlights in the history of international sport – Australia v India

A few years ago, Verity Sanders was part of a ‘Habitat for Humanity’ program to provide upgraded sewerage systems in a small village in Rajasthan, India. At the end of the project they were challenged to a game of cricket against the School XI.

Almanac Life: Stumbling into the housing crisis

Ian Wilson has found himself caught up in Australia’s housing crisis. He calls on governments to make housing the priority it just has to be. [This is a very timely and pertinent article – JTH]

Almanac Music: Telek releases new single Noken Paitim Meri

Thanks to our friends at Wantok Musik, a new single by Sir George Telek with an important message is being released.

Almanac Documentaries: ABC Compass Rohingya Boy – Noor Kabir

Rohingya Boy is a documentary co-directed by Brin Paulsen about Rohingya refugee Noor Kabir’s strive to become body building’s Mr Olympia. The program will broadcast on ABC Compass at 6.30pm this Sunday, 4 September.

Almanac Mates: Paddy and the Doc

Citrus Bob Utber relives many past memories of footy and cricket playing days with his old mates Bill ‘Doc’ Doherty OAM and Paddy Shelton.

Almanac Books: ‘The End Of The Game’ – Michael Fiddian

Melbourne high school teacher and playwright Michael Fiddian, tackles racism in sport & footy head-on with his debut young adult novel ‘The End Of The Game’.

Almanac Literary: Adelaide Writers’ Week 2022 – Further highlights

Col presents more highlights from the wonderfully stimulating Adelaide Writers’ Week 2022.

Almanac Sport – Life Again: ‘Spirit of Sport – Spirit of Life’ Luncheon

As a key part of the ‘Life Again’ preventative/positive mental health awareness campaign, along with their workplace mental health program launch, you are invited to the Life Again: ‘Spirit of Sport – Spirit of Life’ luncheon on 8 April. Details within.

Almanac Cricket: Painful end for captain who did a lot right

The punishment doesn’t fit the offence for the cricketer who fell on his sword, writes RON REED.

Greetings from Lockdown Sydney

Gary Seeto has some political critiques…and if you don’t like them, he has others.

Almanac Literary: Political Football – The Radical Legacy of the Anti-Apartheid Protests in Brisbane

Two on-line panel discussions from The Brisbane Writers Festival program, ‘Political Football:The Radical Legacy of the Anti-Apartheid Protests in Brisbane’, are now available for viewing and can be accessed in the article above.

Almanac (Cartoon) Comment: Yvette Wroby on Taylor Walker and racism in footy

Yvette Wroby sets out her view on the recent racist comments of Taylor Walker (and other like him) in black and white.

Almanac Life and Humour: Things that may happen before a vaccine rollout in Australia  

The vaccination rollout is taking forever! Paddy Grindlay has a list of changes that he thinks are more likely to happen before we’re all jabbed and jocular. (Ed’s comment – Don’t hold your breath!)

Almanac Life: Tony Dell – Soldier in a Baggy Green finds peace at last

Ron Reed discusses Tony Dell’s short Test career sadly thwarted by PTS, a consequence of his tour of duty as a conscript in the Vietnam War. Unknowingly Tony suffered from PTS for four decades until his recent recovery which is told in a forthcoming book, ‘And Bring The Darkness Home: The Tony Dell Story’ by Greg Milam.

Sports history in Australian history

Roy Hay offers some thoughts on the significance of sports history as a part of our overall understanding of Australian history. The Footy Almanac has an important role to play in that bigger picture.

Almanac Health: What to do when having a heart attack and you’re alone

Heart attacks occur on average every nine minutes in Australia. Here is some helpful advice if you are having an attack and there is no immediate help around.

Almanac Life: 2020 Revolt

From the verb revolt and its many synonyms, Nicole Kelly highlights issues that need addressing in today’s society.