Almanac Book Reviews: ‘Green and Golden Boots: Australia’s Overseas Golden Boot Winners’ – Jason Goldsmith

Roy Hay reviews the new soccer book by Jason Goldsmith, ‘Green and Golden Boots: Australia’s Overseas Golden Boot Winners’, a book that reflects upon Australian soccer players who were leading goal scorers for their overseas league.

Almanac Book Review: ‘Australian Soccer from the Beginning’ – Ted Simmons OAM

Ted Simmons OAM has always been the go to person for those seeking historical information about Australian Soccer. This historical information he gathered over many decades is now recorded in his book, ”Australian Soccer from the Beginning’ which has been reviewed here by Roy Hay.

Almanac (World Cup) Soccer: It’s been a fascinating few weeks

John Harms has his thoughts on the response to the World Cup and the Matildas. He’s interested in yours.

Almanac (World Cup) Soccer: Even the cat is watching the games

Like many households, Roy Hay’s family were firmly engrossed watching the Matildas win their exciting quarter-final match against France, and even the cat could not take its eyes off the game!

Round 22 – Collingwood v Geelong: Waltzing the Matildas at the ‘G with Pies and Cats

Citrus Bob Utber was at the MCG to watch his beloved Cats fall short against the Pies in their Round 22 match but The Matildas more than compensated with their fantastic win against France.

Almanac (World Cup) Soccer: We’re all Matildas now

Trucker Slim had a Greek family dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant in Northcote with American friends, and on their phones they all watched the Matildas do the Aussies proud with a great win over France in their quarter-final match. Trucker recounts the night.

Almanac (World Cup) Soccer: Aussie, Aussie

Old Dog and co got caught up in World Cup fever as the Matildas overcame France in 120+ minutes and 20 penalties.

Almanac Book Review: ‘The Matilda Effect’ – Fiona Crawford

Roy Hay reviews the recently released soccer book ‘The Matilda Effect’ by Fiona Crawford. According to Roy, ‘this is a brilliant introduction to a history and analysis of the recent history of the women’s game in this country’.