Almanac Poetry: ‘Magpie versus Crow’ – Tommy Mallet

A battle for territory between magpies and crow is the topic of Tommy Mallet’s poem, ‘Magpie versus Crow’.

Almanac Poetry: Morrisons, Victoria

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley is about Morrisons, a Victorian locality near the small town of Meredith. Some of KD’s relatives farmed there is the past.

Almanac Memoir (and Music): ‘Maybe’ by Split Enz

This Friday’s piece from KD, although quite brief, covers a great deal of territory, including mid-1970s Sydney, the Opera House, King’s Cross, a family holiday, and an encounter with early Split Enz.

Round 2 – Haiku Bob – life is simple

Watching the Magpies’ win over Carlton, Haiku Bob had a moment of clarity about a simple rule for a happy life (for Magpie fans).

Almanac Poetry: Uncle Bert and the 1909 Warrnambool to Melbourne Cycling Race

This week, Kevin Densley’s poem is about two relatives, Fardie and Bert, who rode in the 1909 Warrnambool to Melbourne – yes, for some time, the famous cycling event went in the opposite direction to what is the case today.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Get Up’ – Tommy Mallet

Tommy Mallet’s poem ‘Get Up’ is about the perils of working in the bush, especially falling branches.

Almanac History: Yahl – South Australia

Ever heard of Yahl, South Australia? In this Friday’s column, KD writes about the place and its close connection to the German branch of his family history.

Round 1 – Haiku Bob: laid bare

Haiku Bob offers his reflections on returning to the MCG

Almanac Poetry: Kate Kelly (1863-1898)

Kate Kelly, Ned’s sister, is the subject of this week’s poem by Kevin Densley.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Scales’ – Tommy Mallet

Tommy Mallet delights in the joys of the natural world after a day working in the bush.

Almanac Music (Jazz): ‘St James Infirmary’ by Louis Armstrong and His Savoy Ballroom Five (1928)

In this Friday’s column, KD looks at a jazz standard recorded by Louis Armstrong and His Savoy Ballroom Five in 1928, ‘St James Infirmary’. Since then, there have been hundreds of recordings of this song.

Almanac (Swimming) Poetry: The Slow Lane

Campbell Bairstow has moved to the slow lane of the pool it seems. Willingly? Happily?

Almanac Poetry: Near Drowning at St Leonards Beach, Victoria, 1967

A father saves his young son from drowning. Kevin Densley describes this week’s poem as ‘particularly close to home’.

Almanac Poetry: ‘So…’ – Tommy Mallet

A tram can be a wonderful place for the delights of overheard conversation as Tommy Mallet’s poem ‘So…’ illustrates.

Almanac Review: Adelaide Writers’ Week 2021 – Powerful Word Fest

The Adelaide Writers’ Week is a festival of words, powerful words, and this year was no exception as Col Ritchie reviews some of his highlights.

Almanac Life: The Art of Indian Head Massage

In this Friday’s column, KD writes about his most unusual qualification, and invites Almanackers to comment and/or share theirs.

Almanac Poetry: Bert Watts’s Pies

His grandfather blamed café owner Bert Watts; his father, a butcher – but what really happened? In this week’s poem, Kevin Densley uncovers the truth.

Almanac Poetry: Bob Craig’s Funeral

In this Tuesday’s poem, Kevin Densley recalls a small, particularly sad funeral he attended (the real name of the deceased has been changed), many years ago, where a notable local sportsman gave a memorable eulogy.

Retrieving the Footy from the Tree

Another extract from Damian Balassone’s collection of footy-theme poems, ‘Strange Game in a Strange Land’.

Almanac Music: Romantic Guy

This week’s Friday offering from Kevin Densley concerns a song he wrote, sung, played and recorded in the bedroom of a Geelong mate about thirty-five years ago. The song itself is included with the story behind it. One mate told KD it reminded him of Paul McCartney, another said John Lennon. Almanac listeners – you be the judge!