Almanac Books: Champions All – A History of AFL/VFL Football in the Players’ Own Words – Part 1

Matt Zurbo has a new book published called Champions All – A History of AFL/VFL Football in the Players’ Own Words . In this extract players talk about the clubs in the 2010s from Adelaide to GWS.

Almanac Local Footy: Small Time

With his book completed and footy season at a close, Matt Zurbo keeps his AFL watching to one game a week.

Almanac Umpiring: A Tough Gig

Matt Zurbo loves it when umpires come across as real and genuine. [And he’s inviting them to pop in for a beer – Ed]

Everyday Obits: Foundation Blokes

Bryan, a mate of Matt Zurbo’s, died in an accident the other day. He was a great fella as Old Dog explains in this tribute.

A Footy Season Greeting from The Old Dog

The Old Dog finds Christmas in March, with a pre-season message for everyone.

Training for Six

Matt Zurbo continues his training series – Training for 6

Training for Six: When four turn up!

Another skillful set of training drills from the master trainer Matt Zurbo.

Dick Clay: For the diehards

So many moments make up a passage of footy, a quarter of footy, a game of footy, a season of footy, the history of footy. Matt Zurbo has found a Dick Clay moment in the ’74 Grand Final which continues to inspire him.

Training for six- Chapter 3: Training for three

There has to be a reason for every drill. Even if only three turn up on a foggy Tuesday night. Matt Zurbo’s excellent ‘Training for six’ series continues…

Training for six – Chapter 2: Training for two

Matt Zurbo shows that footy training can be varied and fun, even when there are only two of you. Everything you need to know to lock up the B&F next season.

Training for six – Chapter 1: Training for one

Matt Zurbo’s “Training for six” series kicks off with a beauty: footy training for one. [If it is to be it is up to me – Ed].

Training for six: Introduction

Matt Zurbo is sick of coaching manuals for full lists of players. What about those cold, foggy Tuesdays when only six turn up? Those six deserve some thought.

Kids – Wrapping It Up

Matt Zurbo wraps up his series on coaching tips and gives some final advice.

Kids 14: Follow-Up

Matt Zurbo on the importance of the communication between a coach and his kids away from the game.

Kids 13: Seniors

Matt Zurbo on how to deal with kids who are being pushed for senior footy.

Kids 12: Prep and Plan

Matt Zurbo on how to teach the kids about preparation and planning.

Kids 11: Strategies

Matt Zurbo continues his series on coaching kids. Here he gives some ideas on how to teach kids about strategy.

Kids 10: The Muppet

Matt Zurbo on how to coach the kids who struggle with the basic skills of football.

We Salute You

Echoing the sentiments of many, Swish Schwerdt pays tribute to the thankless volunteers who make sports across the country happen every week. We salute you!

Kids 9: Fun

Matt Zurbo gives tips on how to keep football fun for the kids.