Almanac Literary: A letter to my agent

Tommy Mallet is an author who ‘headed east to go north, just for now, and never righted’ as he mulls on the plight of the writer in a letter to his agent.

Almanac (World Cup) Soccer: Aussie, Aussie

Old Dog and co got caught up in World Cup fever as the Matildas overcame France in 120+ minutes and 20 penalties.

Almanac Music: Al and I… and Ron

Matt Zurbo continues his musical adventures remembering a loved performer from the past. [Language warning – Ed]
[The Footy Almanac reprises this piece in memory of Ron S Peno who passed away yesterday -Ed]

Almanac (Footy) Life: Tribute to Old Dog on his 700th game of footy

The Old Dog (Matt Zurbo) plays his 700th game of footy this Saturday 5 August. His long time team mate Sean Maxwell pays tribute to one of life’s great human beings and his incredible milestone. [Well played Old Dog – Congratulations from all at the Footy Almanac family! -Ed]

Almanac (Footy) Life: A Notable Milestone

Old Dog plays his 700th game of footy on Saturday 5 August. The Colac Herald newspaper pays tribute.

Round 18 – Melbourne v Brisbane: Keystone Cops

Old Dog battled a laptop streaming like an old Keystone Cops movie to watch the Dees take on the Lions while playing Dad at the same time. It turned out to be quite a night!

Almanac Footy: Old Dog’s overseas footy adventures with the LA Dragons.

The Old Dog and family are on the road – overseas in fact. He managed to keep up his training and fitness regimes with all the sightseeing, and he even played a game of Aussie rules with the LA Dragons as he recounts.

Almanac Footy: Which player do you see yourself in?

Old Dog wants to know which player you used to – or still do – see yourself in when watching the footy [Perhaps ‘Who do you think you are? too – Ed.]

Almanac Life: Happy Days

Pete Johnstone was never, ever going to let hardship stop him. A tribute from Old Dog.

A Christmas greeting, and a gift, from Old Dog and his family

Old Dog and his family send their best at Christmas time and offer you a hand-drawn game which has its origins in Cielo’s grandfather.

Almanac Footy: A photo spread from Old Dog’s 40th season of footy

Old Dog completed his 40th season of playing footy in 2022. Some photos taken throughout the season record his remarkable and memorable feat. [Ed: Well done Old Dog! – Togging up in 2023?]

Grand Final – Geelong v Sydney: Murder in the Centre

Old Dog has a footballer’s and football eye. He casts it over the Grand Final which he watched with his family and an old friend at The Millers Inn in Altona.

Takeaways from this footy season

Old Dog with some thoughts about footy, and life. Observations and suggestions. And a few musts. [With a couple of ripper photos – Ed]

One-on-one’s not dead

Old Dog was reminded of his childhood spent witnessing great gladiatorial contests between players like Jess and Glendinning when Langdon and Sidebottom faced up on Friday night.

Almanac (Local) Footy: Superheroes

In the busyness of life, Matt Zurbo rediscovered the simple pleasures of footy (and life) in an optional training run.

Almanac Music: What’s Your Most Iconic Aussie Song?

Elena Zurbo has passed her citizenship test to become an Australian citizen. Husband Matt thought it appropriate to come up with a list of iconic Aussie songs to help celebrate the occasion. He also asks Almanackers to name their iconic Aussie songs.

Almanac Footy: What your club needs.

The Old Dog casts his eye over most of the AFL teams to determine the players they need to make them a premiership threat.

Round 9 – Collingwood v Footscray: Aaron Naughton is Stevie Winwood

So many footballers have the looks and characteristics of other people observes Old Dog as he presents his thoughts on the Bulldogs excellent win over the Magpies.

Round 6 – GWS v St Kilda: Good luck with the policing of body language

Old Dog is an admirer of umpires, but not of the AFL for expecting their umps to be mind-readers.

Almanac Footy: Old Dog’s the best ever

The Old Dog has played 667 games over 40 seasons and has seen many fine footballers, but Greg Nutting is the best of them all, as Old Dog explains.