The Fearon Reserve: Our Field of Dreams

The new VAFA season commences tomorrow and, in B Grade, Williamstown CYMS take on Old Carey at the Fearon Reserve. Smokie tries to explain what “The Fez” means to CY’s people.

Almanac (Local) Footy: The Perfect Groundhog Day

The commencement of the local footy season is upon us again. From his Fearon Reserve vantage point, Smokie ponders this – and Groundhog Day.

Almanac (Local) Footy: ‘Known Knowns’

As Williamstown CYMS prepares for Round 1 of the VAFA premier B season against St Bernard’s, Smokie provides a preview.

Almanac Local Footy: The Sandlot

As the Williamstown CYMS Under 19s prepare for their second-semi final against Old Xavierians, Smokie looks back at music and films which were used for pre-match ‘psyching’ in his day – and suggests a film which would be a sure-fire winner.

Almanac (Local) Footy: I’ve been to Bali too

Jordan De Goey’s recent travails had Smokie reminiscing about a trip to Bali thirty years ago. Thankfully, smart phones and social media were years away!

VAFA Premier B Section – Williamstown CYMS FC: The Ladder

Having climbed through the lower rungs of the VAFA, this Saturday the Williamstown CYMS Football Club will play its first ever match in Premier B Section. Smokie muses on the notion of climbing ladders.

No Footy!

Smokie laments the cancellation of local footy. He’s missing the Fearon.

VAFA 2019 Premier C – Grand Final Seniors & Reserves: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

From the Grand Canal in Venice, Smokie waxes philosophically about the journey the Williamstown WCYMS club has taken as they vie for a premiership for their senior & reserve teams.

VAFA Premier C Section – Williamstown CYMS FC preview: “Card Night”

Smokie looks back on the “Card Night”, which once formed part of his pre-match ritual.

VAFA – Williamstown CYMS: A Great Reaches 200

In his long association with Williamstown CYMS FC, Smokie has seen many good footballers represent the club. Ben Gray, who plays his 200th match tomorrow, is one of the greatest.

VAFA Premier C – Williamstown CYMS v Old Geelong Preview: Once in a Lifetime

The chance to play for a promotion to B Grade, or play for a premiership are opportunities that may never again present themselves claims Smokie. Saturday is a once in a lifetime situation for Williamstown CYMS to not “let the days go by” and to exhort themselves to greater things.

VAFA Premier C – Williamstown CYMS v Fitzroy: Smokie’s Second Semi-Final Preview

Smokie presents his preview of the VAFA Premier C 2nd Semi-Final.

VAFA Premier C – Williamstown CYMS v Fitzroy: Guru 360 Second Semi-Final Preview

The Guru presents his thoughts on the big game against Fitzroy FC in VAFA Premier C 2nd Semi-Final

VAFA Premier C – Williamstown CYMS: What We Deserve

With one round remaining in C Section, Williamstown CYMS will play Fitzroy on Saturday week for the right to ascend to B Grade. Who “deserves” it? Who “deserves” anything?

VAFA Premier C – Williamstown CYMS v Fitzroy: Smokie’s preview of the big match

Boorish spectators and the wind across the Fearon can at times get to Smokie but like his beloved Willy boys, he soldiers on. Here are his thoughts for this week.

“Our Game”

This piece has been taken down following a reader’s request.

The Blue & The Gold: A Win for the Ages

Smokie revisits the memorable Williamstown CYMS Grand Final victory of 2009 against Peninsula.

VAFA Premier C – Willy CYs v Ivanhoe: A Multiplicity of Smokies

Smokie works out how he can be in two places at once – down at the old Fearon and on duty at home.

Flying North For The Winter (The CYs Preview)

The annual migration to warmer climes has commenced. The CY’s are not alone in dealing with this issue, but will be particularly hard hit in the next few weeks

VAFA – Smokie’s CYs preview: House Parties

Smokie Dawson is sniffing the social glue that has held Willy CYs together over the years.