General Footy Writing: Watch out for the termite mound!

I’ve recently moved to Galiwinku, which is the second largest Aboriginal community in Australia. It is based in a place called Elcho Island, which is a part of Arnhem land and situated about 500 kilometres east of Darwin. There are only 3,000 people in the community, but surprisingly there are eight football sides that make [Read more]

Yarra Man: I love the quirks of local footy grounds

By Tavis Perry A mate of mine says Ovens and Murray Football League club Corowa-Rutherglen has the best ground he’s seen in country footy. Indeed, when I played at the John Foord Oval for the first time earlier this year I was struck by its tranquillity and scenic appeal. It’s surrounded by immense gum trees, [Read more]

Yarra Man: Watts is a worry; Dees should have taken Rich

By Tavis Perry There’s been a plethora of recent media reports on Jack Watts, and why wouldn’t there be given the No.1 draft pick always creates more headlines than other drafted players? This is especially so because the No.1 pick is generally a shining light in an otherwise dim period for his club. Being a [Read more]

Yarra Man: Make the TAC Cup an under-23 competition

By Tavis Perry I’ve often wondered if the AFL has got it right with the TAC cup. There’s no doubt that most of the players who are drafted come out of this competition, but I wonder if the AFL could utilise the TAC Cup better as a breeding ground for potential players. I think it [Read more]

Yarra Man: Rugby league origin games go all right

By Tavis Perrry As an avid sports lover, I really enjoyed watching the rugby league state-of-origin clash between NSW and Queensland, in particular the maroons’ star-studded and highly formidable defensive end. With AFL being my footy code of choice, I couldn’t help but compare the differences that I see between the AFL and NRL. The [Read more]

Yarra Man: All together now

By Tavis Perry This year I’m playing for Yarrawonga, which is affiliated with the Ovens and Murray Football League. Like a lot of country players I’m living and working in Melbourne, which makes it impossible to get to training with the team in Yarrawonga. This is common for county footballers. Yarrawonga have 13 footballers who [Read more]

Yarra Man: The lowdown on the elite

By Tavis Perry THE talk of whether Lou Richards should be inducted into the AFL hall of fame coincided with Jason Akermanis’ 300th game. Aker is undoubtedly one of my favourite all-time players. The subsequent articles on him and the hall of fame inductees made for some interesting reading on one of my favourite topics: [Read more]