Anna Pavlou in The Age

Anna Pavlou remembers the atmosphere of being at Kardinia Park as a kid watching her Cats play Aussie Rules in this piece that was first published in The Age.

A Day on the Green: Annie’s Lane

Mickey Randall enjoyed The Whitlams and others at Annie Lane’s winery. He also got to experience the joy of discovering an unexpected game of cricket.

Almanac Weekend Reading: ‘Hamilton,’ by Joe Posnanski

“Have you ever been the parent of a 14 year old girl?” Wonderful writing of shared experience here from NBC sports writer Joe Posnanski.

Almanac Book Recommendation – The Biggest Game in Town: An analysis of the AFL’s vilification policy

Last week saw the launch of an important book; a book of research into individual and cultural understandings and behaviours around vilification. Copies are NOW available.

Almanac Weekend Reading: “The West Coast boys done bad”

“Ten years after the Eagles’ 2006 premiership, a culture is laid bare” – Martin McKenzie-Murray has this very interesting piece in the current issue of “The Monthly”.

Almanac Weekend Reading : February 20-22

Another weekend, and another series of readings for your consideration from The Footy Almanac.

Almanac Weekend Reading : 13-15 February

Put your feet up and get into some compelling, thought-provoking and entertaining reads from around the sporting world.

Almanac Weekend Reading

Another great weekend of elite-level international sporting events and some great reading to get you in the mood for the contest,

Almanac for the Weekend – Sunday Edition

Reviving a tradition established by The People’s Elbow, ‘Weekend Reading’ returns to the pages of the Almanac.

Retirement for the Weekend Warrior

Vaughan Menlove shares the difficult decision facing the competitive athlete about when to quit. The heart and mind are willing but the body chooses to differ.

Blood-blisters to the Blacks, a Richmond Oval reverie

‘On the field of play you know whose side you are on’. The Bloods are in the blood. So are the Blacks. Tom Martin describes living, playing, being footy – with thanks to his parents.

Regional Communities and Sport: A Comment

by Bill Walker One only has to only look via any of the plethora of mediums for sourcing, processing and transferring news to see that the basic values and foundations of sport today have been swept up and pummelled by fast and diversely evolving business tsunami. Either through design or chance the status quo has [Read more]

Feature: A way to go: despondency and expectation in the life of a Freo supporter

Malcolm Allbrook The life of a Fremantle Dockers supporter, one of perpetual disappointment, of occasional bursts of joy mingled with frustration, gloom, pitying looks and occasional patronizing reassurances from teams confident of their sustained superiority. The team of the colour purple with all its contradictory implications, of the symbolic anchor intended to signify our maritime [Read more]

Anson Cameron: Silences Come and Gone

by Paul Mitchell Intro: Melbourne author Anson Cameron’s debut novel, Silences Long Gone, which dissects the issue of Aboriginal land rights, has received unanimous critical acclaim. A pleasing result for a man who knew himself from a young age to be a writer…but didn’t write… Drinking coffee is meant to be a relaxed, friendly pastime. [Read more]

Weekend Read: Hawk Thorp carries flag for bold men of Ross

By Paul Daffey Hawthorn’s Mitch Thorp is known to have a swagger. Even in these injury-stricken times, when he’s battling mishaps that will keep him out for the rest of the season, he’s known to have confidence, a certain way about him, like a bronco rider who rides his luck.

Weekend Read: Irish and Australian football are different and that’s a good thing

By Paul Daffey I enjoyed Irishman Cormac McCormack’s piece on the lack of humour and connection in the AFL, and although I can’t help but think that Cormac is looking at sport in his homeland through porter-coloured glasses, I agree with much of what he says.

Weekend read: The money game

By Paul Daffey Amid all the talk about overcoming injury, flying for the big mark and striving for the premiership, it is sometimes forgotten that football clubs need money to survive. In larger country competitions, they need lots of money. There are player payments, affiliation fees, hot showers and new footballs to provide. In recent [Read more]