Almanac Footy: Bemoaning Today’s AFL Commentary

The quality of footy commentary today leaves a lot to be desired when compared to commentators from the the 70s as Ian Wilson suggests.

Almanac Footy: 1870 – Remembering the Forgotten Years

Graham Pilkington weighs in on the argument made in Colin Carter’s recent book ‘Football’s Forgotten Years’ around including pre-1897 VFA flags in the AFL’s tally.

Richmond v Collingwood War

It’s one of the biggest and fiercest rivalries in the league, and one highlight (or lowlight at times) has been the number of players who switched jumpers between Richmond and Collingwood. Rodney Boyd shares his teams based around this.

Almanac (Country) Football – Northampton: a football factory, Part 1

What is it about Northampton, a speck on the map in Western Australia, that it has produced several top flight AFL players? In the first of two offerings, Josh Coales investigates with a particular focus on Docker great Paul Hasleby.

Almanac Football: A great Football Rivalry – Fitzroy versus Essendon 1979-1986

Philip Mendes presents an historical account of the intense footy rivalry between the Essendon and Fitzroy Football Clubs during the years 1979 – 1986.

Wayne Jackson: A life in football

An in-depth look at the life and times of highly respected former AFL CEO Wayne Jackson by Rulebook

Almanac Footy: Contrasting careers

Roy Hay contrasts the footy careers of two Indigenous footballers from different eras, and celebrates the career of Joel Selwood who played his 350th match against the Bulldogs.

Almanac Footy: The unknown history of country zoning Part 2 – Reshaping the competition

VFL country zoning reshaped the competition as Ian Munro highlights in Part 2 of ‘The Unknown History of Country Zoning’.

Odd Friday/Footy Almanac Lunch: William Westerman and Jesse Dayton on July 29

The next Odd Friday/Footy Almanac Lunch is on 29 July. It features two special guests: author, historian and academic William Westerman, and from Texas, musician, author and actor Jesse Dayton. All welcome.

Almanac Footy: The unknown history of country zoning – Part 1

Journalist and writer Ian Munro examines the effects of the introduction of country zoning to VFL footy in 1967 in the first of his two part series on the topic.

Almanac Books: ‘Between The Flags: Making Sense of 57 Years of Heartache’.

Ian Munro has released a new book, ‘Between The Flags: Making Sense of 57 Years of Heartache’ that examines the wilderness years for the Melbourne Football Club between premierships. The book emanated from his research into the effects of VFL country zoning.

Almanac Awards: Roy Hay winner – Australian Society for Sport History Book Award 2022

The Footy Almanac community congratulates esteemed member Roy Hay for his well deserved win of the ‘Australian Society for Sport History Book Award 2022’.

Almanac Footy Life: The Disenchantment of Jimmy Krakouer

Jim Krakouer was a gifted and sensational footballer, and at times a controversial one. With a life regularly afflicted by poor decision making and their resulting consequences, Ian Wilson examines many aspects of Krakauer’s footy career and life.

Almanac Footy History: Arthur Olliver – ‘The Champion’s Hero’

Historian Roger Spaull dedicates this article to the Gordon family and in memory of Nick. It documents one of Footscray’s most legendary and revered player and coach throughout the club’s history and the accomplishments Arthur Olliver achieved after his Footscray tenure. Find out more inside with rare photos shared from the vault!

Almanac Footy: Most VFL/AFL Reserves Games

Big Kev needs your help! By composing a database of players that have made appearances in the VFL/AFL games, advice or contributions would be appreciated to add missing players from the late 80’s and throughout the 1990’s era.