Almanac Teams: The Eclectic Six (1980- )

Rodney Boyd has returned with a deep dive into VFL/ AFL history, pulling out some forgotten names who happened to pull on the number six jumper at some stage in their career.

Almanac Teams: Three’s a charm (1980-)

In his last team for 2020, Rodney Boyd turns his attention to some of the more ‘out-there’ selections in the Number 3 jumper since 1980.

Almanac Teams: The Terrific 2s (1980-)

The schoolyard refrain ‘First is the worst, second is the best’ might not be entirely scientific in its reasoning, but Rodney Boyd has put forward another team based on the best players he’s seen in the Number 2 which could very well take it up to his Number 1s.

Almanac Teams: Number 1 Hits (1980-)

Hot on the heels of his last ‘Return to Sender’ side, Rodney Boyd shares his picks for the best team to have worn Number 1 on their backs since 1980.

The 2020 Rabbit Hole Cup – Round 13

Earl O’Neill runs his eyes over the teams that had the Round 13 bye and summarises the weekend results. Why believe in a footy season with 16 minute quarters, no crowds and a night Grand Final in summer asks Earl?

Almanac Teams: A Team of Footy Franks

Phil Dimitriadis continues his run of Funny Teams, this time with a Team of Franks. What do you call a collection of Franks?

Fantasy Footy with The Boys

There’s plenty of reality to go with fantasy for Edward Olsen and ‘The Boys’ when they get together for their long-running group fantasy footy project.

Finally a solution to end all pub arguments…

Sam Harvey (with some help from a couple of mates) has trawled the AFL Tables records from 1965 to the present. They’ve compiled this comprehensive comparison of the best individual stats. Some surprising names are revealed.

Register for Footy Almanac Supercoach (last day of unlimited trades!)

Join in the fantasy football fun with the Almanac Supercoach for 2017. Today is your last chance to use unlimited trades, so join up and have a play around to create the best team possible.

Footy Almanac Supercoach league

Get involved in the Footy Almanac Supercoach League.

Post Humanist Footy: the galactic game

If you thought next week’s tips were hard enough, imagine a world of post-humanist footy. DNA, robotics, football brain development farms… Rick Trewavas takes us to a possible future.

Modern Sport is a Fantasy

Dam identifies the true meaning of sport as he wades into the murky waters of fantasy footy. His locks may surprise – would recommend getting a hold of his league code

Is fantasy footy taking over the football universe as we know it?

It seems fantasy footy is getting bigger. Check out this site – one of many to be ticking along.

Pharmakos/Pharmakon: The seduction of immortality

Phillip Dimitriadis believes that fans should take some responsibility for the sordid state of affairs in modern sport.

John Kingsmill’s Footy Diary

ROUND ELEVEN The dilemma of hope Three weeks of byes rips the supercoach teams to shreds. The balance of personal bias against common sense comes to the fore in the month of June. There’s no sense in backing a winning team in these comps if huge portions of them go surfing in Week Eleven, or [Read more]

Footy Tipping, Supercoach and its impact on traditional support.

As the cricket season dies a slow death in another meaningless One Day competition, like all Almanackers, I await the football with great anticipation. The discussion on this site in recent days about the winter game, coupled with membership drives, calls for Foxtel subscriptions, players talking up pre seasons (where everyone is ‘flying’ on the [Read more]

Doesn’t anyone know a Grand Final’s at stake?

For Tony Wilson and so many others, the resting of players in Round 24 had potentially dire consequences. Find out why by checking out Tony’s magnificent piece, “Doesn’t anyone know a Grand Final’s at stake?” on his website.

The Mighty Matadors

By Ged McMahon It has been a few years since my Fridays have been lazy enough to justify spending an hour fixing, pimping, bolstering and shuffling my Supercoach team. My debut season in 2007 was a steep learning curve. It wasn’t until about Round 7 that I discovered that you can actually substitute your players [Read more]

Supercoach League Invitation

As the clock strikes midnight at the end of today to mark the start of February, the fantasy football phenomenon that is AFL Supercoach will open. Those who are interested but haven’t entered in previous years, you won’t miss the big green banner on, and for you others, especially the younger Almanackers, who are [Read more]

Supercoach Forwards 2011

The offence is, surprisingly, a tough task to pick 10 players. You’ve got the best forwards in the game who can pull out the biggest scores but get injured too frequently, the miraculous goalkickers who only appear in games every now and then, and the up and coming brigade, who are the most prone to [Read more]