AFL Club Awards: Barnstable’s breakdown on Crows’ top ten

By Josh Barnstable One of the most exciting seasons for the Adelaide Crows, the Red, Blue and Gold hoops finished 5th on the ladder and were third favourite to win the flag going into the finals after an enormous second half of the season, in which the young team blitzed the competition with an amazing [Read more]

AFL Club awards: Barnstable’s breakdown on Roos’ top ten

By Josh Barnstable If you told me the two top placings of the 2009 Syd Barker Medal, I would have called you crazy and told you to get back to your Lexus Centre. But, after a shocking season for the blue and white stripes, two young players came through with plenty of credentials, and gained [Read more]

AFL club awards: All the best-and-fairest top tens

Adelaide (Malcolm Blight Medal) 43 Bernie Vince 41 Jason Porplyzia 39 Simon Goodwin 38 Michael Doughty 38 Graham Johncock 38 Kurt Tippett 36 Scott Thompson 30 Tyson Edwards 30 Andrew McLeod 29 Chris Knights Brisbane (Merrett-Murray Medal) 57.5 Jonathan Brown 56.5 Simon Black 54 Mitch Clak 51.5 Luke Power 45 Justin Sherman 41.5 Daniel Rich [Read more]