Almanac Footy: The Saints’ Department of Youth

Lifelong Saints fan Ian Wilson attends his first Trevor Barker Medal night, and comes away with hope for the future and an unexpected bonus.

Rooey, Rooey … let’s celebrate and have a good time!

Jennifer Muirden went to the Trevor Barker Awards where, fomr this account, it’s clear she had a great time. Here’s the story. [Includes highly charged emotion, penned songs, Roo and Joey love, and more. – Ed]

Tom Lonergan and Andrew Mackie: Brothers in Arms

Anna Pavlou saw retiring players Tom Lonergan and Andrew Mackie toasted by the Geelong Cats Football Club last week at the ‘Carji’ Greeves award night. Anna was fortunate enough to interview several players.

Geelong’s Night of Nights: Patrick Dangerfield Wins 2017 ‘Carji’ Greeves Medal

Patrick Dangerfield took ‘Carji’ home last night. Anna Pavlou was on the spot.

1980 VFL Club Award Winners: Who Can You Spot?

Here’s a club by club, team by team rundown of the 1980 VFL award winners. Which up-and-comers can you spot in the U19s? Most Dedicated, Best Clubmen, Most Serviceable, they’re all there.

St Kilda Best and Fairest: Two Elephants in the Room

There’s a lot of preparation that goes into a Best and Fairest.  I am, of course, talking about the shaving of legs, preparation of clothes, planning of transport; make up, hair and nails.  Feeding the dog, making sure the kids take care of themselves, and booking a cab to pick me, and then Rina, up [Read more]

Copeland Night 2010

By Andrea McNamara Hello everyone I thought I’d take my lead from Presti and save my talking until the end … Way back when the Copeland tickets went on sale, well before we were in a grand final, I got talked into attending the Copeland. And I’m so glad I said yes. I’ve never been [Read more]

Syd Barker Medal 2010

Everyone is talking about the draw, the tie, whatever you want to call it. Sure, there’s some uproar about it, but in the end, you just couldn’t split them. Two great competitors having great seasons and it all climaxing in a draw. How fitting.

AFL Club Awards: The bald and the beautiful

Port Adelaide’s Best and Fairest By Steve Healy In season 2009, Port Adelaide’s theme song should’ve changed to: We’ve got the power to win, the power to lose, the power to win, the power to lose… Because that’s what they showed us, they have a huge win one week, and then get smashed by a [Read more]

2009 Malarkey Medal

THE 2009 MALARKEY MEDAL THE TOP TEN (Brownlow votes in brackets) Chris Judd (Carlton) 28 (22) Gary Ablett (Geelong) 26 (30) Nick Riewoldt (St Kilda) 23 (15) Jonathan Brown (Brisbane) 19 (19) Nick Dal Santo (St Kilda) 18 (17) Alan Didak (Collingwood) 18 (12)

AFL Club Awards: Dyer for Deledio, maybe not so dire for Richmond

Jack Dyer Medallist By Josh Barnstable Bleak. That one word describes the Richmond season. It started out with some optimism. Ben Cousins had been recruited after a one year ban for drug use, Matthew Richardson was coming off a career-best season, Chris Newman was handed the captaincy and most of the Tigers players were set [Read more]

AFL Club Awards: A year to forget for the Hawks

Hawthorn’s Best and Fairest By Steve Healy Well, well, well. What can I say about this mob? Their season started with a shocking loss to Geelong, although only by eight points it was 23 to 34 scoring shots, and the Hawks trailed by 37 at three quarter time. The Hawks fell the height of Taipei [Read more]

Bulldogs’ season bouyed by Boyd and co.

Charles Sutton Award By Josh Barnstable The Western Bulldogs Football Club is a funny organization. They play a brand of footy that is breathtaking, exciting, can make any Doggies supporter think that the drought is over. But all the time, they fail. They have made certain people go crazy. The local butcher is owned by [Read more]

The cream of the Cats

Geelong’s Best and Fairest By Steve Healy The Carji Greeves medal took place earlier this month, and what a surprise the result was. Gary Ablett and Corey Enright were tied winners, even though Ablett was easily the best player in 2009. Footy is a strange game. But let’s speak more about the actual team, who [Read more]

Watson and Fletcher the standouts in Bombers’ strange season

Essendon’s Best and Fairest By Steve Healy Essendon’s 2009 season was a strange one. Has a team ever made the finals, without anyone really feeling like they had made the finals? Well that was the case; they came into the Elimination Final against Adelaide without a ruckman, and without Lloyd who was suspended for hitting [Read more]

Sometime Freo really do want to make you heave…

Doig Medal review by Josh Barnstable Freo Heave Ho Freo Heave Ho Give Em All The Old Freo Heave Ho We’re The Rollers We’re The Rockers We’re The Mighty Freo Dockers We’re Gonna Roll Em And We’ll Rock Em We’re Gonna Send Them To The Bottom And If They Get Up We’ll Do It Again [Read more]

Pies on the rise. But can they take that extra step?

Collingwood’s Best and Fairest By Steve Healy It was an exciting season for the black-and-white. In Round 8, Collingwood looked banished from the finalists club. They were 3-5, and had come off a 51-point embarrassment against arch-rival Carlton. They went on to win the next 12 out of 13 games, before losing by four goals [Read more]

Prognosis is good for Stynes and the Demons

Melbourne’s Best and Fairest By Steve Healy Twelve days had passed since Fremantle had their best and fairest night. The Melbourne football club had left Australia waiting. On Thursday night, red and blue blood flooded Crown casino, as did a bald, recovering Jim Stynes. Jim received an almighty applause as he strolled on to the [Read more]

AFL Club awards: Judd helps with Carlton’s coming but Fevola’s loss could see them going again.

John Nicholls Medal by Josh Barnstable They Know We’re Coming They Know We’re Coming They Know We’re Coming We did know, we didn’t believe, they came, they went. Carlton finally rose from the dark, navy blue abyss it fell down in 2002, on the back of skipper Chris Judd, youngsters Marc Murphy, Bryce Gibbs, Matthew [Read more]

AFL Club awards: Brown and Black lead Lions back into contention

Josh Barnstable reviews the Merrett-Murray Medal A big rejuvenated Lion outfit made a welcomed return to the finals since 2004 on the back of a great year spearheaded by the usual heads of Jonathan Brown, Simon Black and Daniel Bradshaw. After a stirring comeback in the first week of the finals against Carlton, ignited by [Read more]