Almanac (Country) Footy – Northampton: a football factory, Part 2: Paul Hasleby

Josh Coales presents Part 2 about the footy factory Northampton. This week he features former Fremantle star Paul Hasleby.

Almanac (Country) Football – Northampton: a football factory, Part 1

What is it about Northampton, a speck on the map in Western Australia, that it has produced several top flight AFL players? In the first of two offerings, Josh Coales investigates with a particular focus on Docker great Paul Hasleby.

AFL SIM Matches 2023: Fremantle v Adelaide Match Simulation- Thoughts from across the country

Josh Coales has high expectations for the Fremantle Dockers for season 2023 after they impressed him with their SIM match win against Adelaide.

Flagmantle: Do We Dare Dream?

Froe supporter Josh Coales wrote for the Almanac as a young schoolboy. Since then he has started a sports journalism course. He’s back into writing again with this piece explainning how he’s feeling about the Dockers today, as they prepare for the match against Collingwood.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 10 Review/Round 11 Preview: Go Pies!

Cam Hooke is very happy with the Pies’ win over Freo! Now to take on ‘the olde enemy’ in this weekend’s Round 11.

Round 5 – Essendon v Fremantle: Good place, good song, go Bombers!

Michael Pardy waxes poetical about his mixed feelings about Fremantle the place and Fremantle the team.

Almanac Footy: WAFL statements by Les Everett

Les Everett keeps us up to date with Round 5 of the WAFL and also shares his thoughts on the Freo/Weagles derby.

Balcony Banter: Footy is back at the ‘G’

The return of footy to the MCG has, for some, an almost spiritual dimension. Two such insights appeared recently on the MCG Members’ blog Balcony Banter.

That’s ok – we’re invisible

On the surface, they’re hard to miss: purple jumpers, the old heave ho, over 50,000 members…but for Les Everett, the Fremantle Dockers are the AFL’s invisible side when it comes to a whole range of measures.

Round 15 – Fremantle v Carlton: Oh me of little faith

‘And that’s what I’ve become – an unbeliever…How long is it going to take me to turn those thoughts around?’ Blues tragic Yvette Hollings battles her inner doubts and her all-too-willingness to trot out the standard excuses for another loss. A win against the odds in the West has her questioning both herself and prospects for the Navy Blues.