Almanac Books: Launch – ‘Crops, people, Money & You’ by Dr Kate Burke

The launch of Dr Kate Burke’s new book, ‘Crops, people, Money & You’ will be held on-line on the 27th January 2021.

Almanac Book Review: ‘On the Premiership Trail – More Travels in Victorian Country Football’ by Paul Daffey

Rod Gillett reviews Paul Daffey’s latest book, ‘On the Premiership Trail: More Travels in Victorian Country Football’ which will be launched tonight at the Nathalia Football Club.

Almanac Book Launch – ‘Lament’ by Nicole Kelly: A time to toast!

The social gathering limitations imposed by COVID-19 might be a wet blanket for some, but for Nicole Kelly it provides an opportunity to invite the whole Almanac community to the online launch of her novel ‘Lament’ next month.

Almanac Book Release: ‘Flags, Spoons & Knives’ by Lee Harradine

Former president of West Adelaide Football Club, Lee Harradine, has written a book on the club’s recent history. Details here.

Almanac Book Release – ‘The Big O: the life and times of Olsen Filipaina’ by Patrick Skene

Today marks the Australian release of Patrick Skene’s first book “The Big O: the life and times of Olsen Filipaina’. The Almanac extends its congratulations and best wishes to Patrick and Olsen. Read more details here.

Book extract: A View of Australia From Fine Leg

Here is an extract from Craig Dodson’s newly released book, ‘A View Of Australia From Fine Leg’.

Almanac Virtual: Webinar – ‘1989 The Great Grand Final’ with Harms, Wilson and Yeates

How was Dermie set up? Why was he set up? This and more intriguing questions surrounding the 1989 Grand Final revealed and answered in the Geelong Library webinar featuring John Harms, Tony Wilson, and Mark Yeates and addressed in Tony Wilson’s new book, 1989 The Great Grand Final.

The Tigers Almanac 2019 Launch at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel

Some fabulous photos of Almanackers at the launch of The Tigers Almanac 2019.

Almanac Party: The Tigers Almanac 2019 Launch and Festive Season Drinks (Dec 17)

Party. To launch The Tigers Almanac 2019. Dec 17. All welcome.

Book Launch – Gideon Haigh & Cecilia Haigh launch their new books

Gideon Haigh and his daughter Cecilia are launching their respective new books on 29 October, and you’re invited. Check out details here.

Almanac Lunch Report – Matt Zurbo’s ‘Heart & Soul’

E Regnans had never met Matt Zurbo until he went to the Almanac Lunch at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel to hear him talk about ‘Heart & Soul’ and introduce some of the well-known footballers he interviewed for the book. [Sounds like a cracking lunch – Ed]

Almanac Lunch (with Matt Zurbo’s book launch): Ken Fraser, Lazar, Chicken and Me

Matt Zurbo’s new book, ‘Heart and Soul’, will be launched tomorrow at a lunch at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel. All welcome. Here’s a tasty morsel, written by Matt himself, of what’s in store. Do yourself a favour…

Almanac Books: The Towns – 100 Years of Glory by Bernard Whimpress

Bernard Whimpress has written a new history of Edwardstown Football Club, aka The Towns.

Book Launch – “Faded Yellow by the Winter” by Scott Pearce: You’re invited

Scott Pearce’s debut novel, “Faded Yellow by the Winter”, is being launched on the 27th April in Richmond. Footy Almanac readers are invited to attend the launch.

Alamanac Event: “More of the Kangaroo” book launch is timely

Do we call it the Lachie Neale Effect? If so, how do we account for the Suns? However you attribute it, Queensland footy has enjoyed its most promising start to an AFL season in many years. Which makes this Almanac event most timely.

Book Launch (Feb 13): Billy Murdoch – Cricketing Colossus

You are invited to the launch of this biography of Billy Murdoch by Richard Cashman and Ric Sissons. Gideon Haigh and Ray Webster to do the honours at the MCC Library. All welcome (but you MUST rsvp)

“More of the Kangaroo: 150 Years of Australian Football in Queensland”- You’re invited to the launch

After over a decade of research, Greg Parker and Murray Bird will be launching their book “More of the Kangaroo” at the Coorparoo FC, on the 11th December.

“More of the Kangaroo: 150 Years of Australian Football in Queensland 1866 – 2016” New book release and launch details

Details of the new book release from Murray Bird and Greg Parker recounting the history of Australian Rules Football in Queensland over the last 150 years.

Book Launch: ‘Crossing The Line’ by Gideon Haigh

Gideon Haigh’s latest contribution to the library of Australian cricket, Crossing the Line, will be launched in Melbourne next week. The subtitle, ‘How Australian Cricket Lost its Way’, gives us a hint of Gideon’s direction as he examines the decline of a meaningful culture in Australian cricket over the past decade.