NRL Grand Final – Part 5: Stewards’ Report

The Stewards’ Report is in on Matt O’Hanlon’s tips for NRL Grand Final day. Let’s just say that there’s always next year!

NRL and NRLW Grand Finals – Hot favourites, worthy challengers

The Penrith Panthers and the Newcastle Knights go into the NRL and NRLW Grand Finals as hot favourites to lift their respective titles. But who can deny that that Brisbane Broncos and the Gold Titans are worthy challengers? Ian Hauser previews this weekend’s Grand Finals.

NRL Round 18 and State of Origin review: How quickly things change!

After observing another week of Australian rugby league from his base in London, our rugby league editor Ian Hauser thinks that all is not as it seemed just just a few weeks ago. (Perhaps it’s because he’s moved on to the very pretty village of Broadway in the Cotswolds.)

NRL Round 17 and State of Origin 2: Do or die

It’s do or die time for NSW in both the men’s and women’s 2023 State of Origin series. Ian Hauser offers a view from London.

A huge week for rugby league!

No matter whether near or far, wherever rugby league fans are, it’s a HUGE week! Ian Hauser reports in from London.

NRL Round 13: Crazy!

Far away in Old London Town, Ian Hauser can’t help but wonder what the hell is going on in the NRL after a crazy Round 12. Plus we get a look at the line-ups for Game 1 of State of Origen.

Almanac Rugby League – 2022 NRL Preliminary Finals and NRLW Semi-Finals, and consecutive titles for the Gundagai Tigers

Ian Hauser takes a look at rugby league as we get to the pointy end of the season.

Almanac Rugby League: Women’s and Men’s State of Origin previews

The feature matches of rugby league’s Representative Round are the State of Origin men’s and women’s clashes. Sports historian and State of Origin expert Liam Hauser previews both matches.

Almanac Rugby League – NRLW Semi-Finals and NRL Round 4: Grand Final spots up for grabs in the NRLW

The 2021 NRLW finals begin this weekend with Grand Final spots on offer for the winners. Meanwhile the NRL season is throwing up a few pleasant surprises. Our rugby league man, Ian Hauser, casts his eye over the state of play.

Almanac Rugby League: Whistle blows for female refs

For the first time in one-referee NRL matches, two female whistle-blowers have been appointed to officiate in this weekend’s trial matches; the All Star matches have come and gone; and the NRLW is now just 10 days away. Ian Hauser brings us up to date with rugby league.

Buckley v Tutty: Fifty years on from the most important case in the history of Australian Sport

Today is a day to remember (and perhaps thank if you are a professional athlete) Dennis Tutty, a now long retired Balmain Tigers player who in 1971 took on the sporting establishment and won in the High Court.

Almanac Rugby League – Women’s State of Origin 2021: Gritty, not pretty

It was gritty, not pretty as the Queensland Maroons defended their women’s rugby league State of Origin title at Sunshine Coast Stadium.