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Parlez Vous Anglais?

Smokie Dawson (of SBS’s Tour de France coverage) had not realised the similarities between his family’s European holiday and that of the trail-blazing Griswalds. He’s proud to continue a fine tradition.

A Day At The Tour

The Dawson’s European Vacation is going just fine, if Chevy can get the kids off the i-pods and drive in a manner which keeps his poor wife sane. But it’s all for a good cause: to see The Tour live. [Great stuff, Smokie – Ed]

Cadel est de deux ans de retard! (Cadel is two years late!)

    by David Downer   The honeymoon was over. Literally. Well, almost. Just a single day remained on our post-wedding European jaunt. A stunningly blue Summer’s day on the Champs-Elysees would provide the final chapter. Yeah, there were worse places to be.

Thriving on pain

They. Are. Freaks! Most all of them! I only started watching because of sleep problems. In the midnight, in the bush. And then I was interested, and then I was hooked. The cyclists of the Tour de France rolled and whirled across and up my telly every night. They pushed through pain, they went past [Read more]

Tour of Thornbury

  by Matt O’Connor   If I can just hold my nerve, the Tour de France is mine for the taking.   Three more nights, including l’Alpe-d’Huez tomorrow and the time trial on Saturday, and I will be in a position to pilot my couch triumphantly down the Champs Elysees. Presuming of course that teammate [Read more]

Johnny Hoogerland and barbed wire

Tour de France 2011 Photos; Stage 9: Issoire ? Saint-Flour, 208 km   Later in the stage, a French TV car swerved into the five man break up front sending Vacansoleil’s Johnny Hoogerland somersaulting off the road and into a barbed wire fence That’s quite a flogging. Someday a clothing manufacturer will invent something more [Read more]