Second Test, Day 4: Australia accomplishes Mission Impossible

by Andrew Gigacz Day 4 dawns cloudy for Australia, literally and metaphorically. A lead of 80 with two wickets remaining has even the most optimistic of us in doubt. But optimistic I remain and prior to the start of player, I go searching for the silver lining in those clouds. And I find it. Australia’s [Read more]

Mysteries and Demons revisited: An Australian miracle, a Pakistani collapse.

They call it Test cricket because it has a tendency to test all your resources, both mental and psychical. I wrote yesterday of demons and mysteries. At that stage, it was Australia battling the demons, and Pakistan which held all the mystery. Well, as they say, a day is a long time in cricket (and [Read more]

Mysteries and Demons: Not a Dan Brown sequel, but a Pakistani blockbuster

Pakistan has always been one of the most fascinating cricketing nations; though not always for the right reasons. There’s usually an alleged teenage prodigy of indeterminate age, who often turns out to be 26 years old and a father of three; the continual unexplained revolving door of captains, coaches and virtually everyone else in the [Read more]

Second Test, Day 2: Akmal misses 50, Dips’ daughter misses 48 tram

By Damian O’Donnell The first day back at work is the second day of the second Test in Sydney. The first Pakistan wicket to fall is actually the second (after North dropped a dolly), and the first time I heard a live score was when the second wicket fell. The radio is playing quietly in [Read more]

Second Test, Day 1: Mohammads make a mountain for Aussies to climb

By Steve Healy A few days ago, I told my good friend Gigs that I’d be able to report on day one of the cricket. But after doing so, I realised that the Test started on Sunday, the day we were hosting my sister’s Italian boyfriend (who came to Australia on Wednesday) for a barbeque [Read more]

Ridiculous things you really didn’t need to know about this Test match

By Andrew Gigacz AUSTRALIA IN SYDNEY is an anagram of IN A RAINY DAY TUSSLE.   PAKISTAN IN SYDNEY? is an anagram of YES! AND STAY IN PINK!   DRAW IN SYDNEY is an anagram of DRY ENDS. I YAWN.   A TIE IN SYDNEY is an anagram of I.E. DENY SANITY.   Australia were [Read more]