Almanac Cricket: The Spirit of Cricket

Glen! has had enough of the Poms complaining about the Aussies not observing the Spirit of Cricket. Check out his starting list of English misdemeanours over the decades. ‘People in glass houses…’

Almanac Cricket: The Vexed Mankad

The question of ‘Mankading’ a batter is very much a vexed one as Lee Harradine explains.

Helmets and Parachutes

High pressure hoses, parachutes & helmets, and the laws of cricket. What does it all mean? Phil Hill explains.

Almanac Cricket – Free Beer and Law 42

Phil Hill is a cricket umpire who loves the game however there’s one thing that really riles him, and that’s the Laws of Cricket, or at least, some of them. Find out why.

Almanac (Local ) Cricket – Don’t Annoy Me About ‘Chuckers’

Phil Hill talks us through ‘visual summation’ and ‘the carry angle of the human arm’ as he seeks to solve the issue of so-called ‘chuckers’ out in the Merks.

Almanac (Local) Cricket: New Blokes

Phil Hill believes in the rule of law, and expects cricket umpires to have knowledge of the law. He loves when a new young umpire shows he knows the rules. Even on the very rare occasion that he doesn’t.

Preseason musings in the Merks

It briefly enters the public consciousness after an incident of great notice, but Phil Hill has been mulling over general rule changes in sports, with a few examples. [Could throw rugby league into the mix after recent events – Ed.]

Ball tampering in the Merks

‘It is an offence for any player to take any action which changes the condition of the ball.’ Rule 41.3.2. Phil Hill contemplates an umpire’s dilemma when the ball ends up in the poo. (Highly amusing – Ed.)

2019 Cricket World Cup Final – That’s a Draw, Mate!

Michael Viljoen certainly has his thinking cap on this week. Following on from his ‘epic journey of biblical proportions’ earlier in the week, he’s now trying to undo the Gordian knot of how to fairly decide the outcome of a tied ICC World Cup Final. He gives us several options to consider.

A day in the life of Australian cricket

17 October 2018 – just another day in the life of Australian cricket. What did it tell us? Here are a few thoughts.

The Spirit of Cricket

‘For a long time, I’ve been wondering about the ‘Spirit of Cricket’. We sometimes think of cricket as having two components, its Laws and its Spirit, something like a person having a body as well as a soul.’

At Last, Some Meat

The evolution of a correct bowling action in cricket is discussed by Phil Hill as he takes readers through an umpire’s role in implementing a “Doubtful Action Procedure.”

Blinds Deaf and Clueless. Four things you will never see?

Don’t want to be adjudged out Timed Out, Handling the Ball, Hitting the Ball Twice or Obstructing the Field while batting? Local cricket umpire Phil Hill explains some of these lesser known Laws of Cricket.