ICC Women’s T20 World Cup – England, South Africa and India qualify for finals, but which of Australia and New Zealand will join them?

We already know three of the four semi-finalists, now it’s down to the historic sporting rivals and neighbours, Australia and New Zealand for the remaining spot – Liam Hauser looks over recent clashes in the T20 Women’s World Cup.

Local cricket: F Grade injustice!

You be the judge. Was David Bridie robbed on the weekend?

ICC Women’s T20 World Cup – Halfway through: plenty of teams are well in the hunt

It’s at a very interesting stage of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup. At the halfway mark of the competition, many teams are still in the race for a place in the play-offs reports Liam Hauser.

What is better for captaincy: confidence or arrogance? Or a bit of both?

Whiling his time away in the Arctic, Richard Marlow read Eddie Jones’ autobiography and contemplated the qualities of the various Australian cricket captains of the past 60 years. See if you agree with his appraisals.

‘Billy…….You’re a Hero……’ by KB Hill

Jonny Hyde is an elder statesman in the Wangaratta District Cricket Association and still makes his mark. KB Hill brings us up to date with a recent performance by the veteran.

ICC Women’s T20 World Cup – No certainties: Australia not at its best as India sets the pace

Liam Hauser updates all the latest results from the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup with his reviews of the matches so far played, and looks at India and their star leggie Poonam Yadav. [Nice summary and the comments thread is worth reading – especially discussion of Yadav and accompanying highlights – Ed]

Almanac Cricket History: Remembering Betty Wilson (by Laura Jolly)

First published at cricket.com.au, this piece by Laura Jolly tells the story of Betty Wilson.

The Parade College Writing Workshop – Rowan Saw: NSW v Victoria Sheffield Shield clash

Victoria managed to defeat a strong NSW side in the Sheffield Shield last week. Grade 9 Parade College student Rowan Saw recaps the match and details the momentum swings throughout the encounter.

Almanac Cricket – Speeches given on the occasion of Betty Wilson being inducted into the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame

With the women’s T20 World Cup currently being played across Australia, let’s revisit the night Betty Wilson, one of the greatest female players of all time, was inducted into the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame. David Wilson shares the text of speeches given on the occasion – including one by his Dad, Ken – Betty’s nephew. [Wonderful – JTH]

‘A Marathon Knock at the Top of the Order……’ by KB Hill

Greg Hoysted has made a long and distinguished contribution to country cricket across several decades. His story is captured here by Wangaratta’s leading sports historian, KB Hill.

The Fieldsman in the Floppy White Hat

Fielding at slip on a windy day, nestled under your Greg Chappell hat, then hey! Damian Balassone’s version is far more evocative and poetic!

Almanac Cricket – The stage is set for ICC Women’s T20 World Cup action

The ICC Women’s Cricket T20 World Cup kicks off in Sydney tonight as Australia takes on India in the opening match. Journalist, author and cricket tragic Liam Hauser runs his eye over the teams in this detailed preview of the tournament.

A Perfume Bottle from 1882

Anna Pavlou was awed by a little urn, as many are when they see it for the first time.

The 2018 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup – Healy blasts Australia to an unlikely fourth title

As the 2020 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup nears, Sean Mortell revisits the 2018 Cup to refresh happenings from that series.

Almanac (Cricket) Book Review: The Art of Centuries

Dan Hoban reviews The Art of Centuries by former English county cricketer Steve James.

A view of Australia from fine leg – Game 10: Royal Park Brunswick Cricket Club

The Footy Almanac congratulates Craig Dodson on completing his ten match cricket odyssey to raise funds for the Gotcha4Life charity.

Brexit, and Slovakian handball players: EU impacts on UK cricket and ‘Kolpak’ agreements

With Brexit in place the flow on effects in sport in the UK will soon be felt. Sean Mortell explains the ramifications in his enlightening story.

“Backlift!” an ode to the Prince who strode onto Junction Oval for the best of causes

Some of the old VFL grounds played host to spirited contests with plenty of goodwill in the stands this weekend, but only the Junction Oval featured cricket and pleasingly for those who loved watching his peerless strokes, the Prince of Port of Spain himself, Brian Lara.

Almanac Cricket: A hot, sweaty tri-series & Canberra’s summer of cricket.

We’ve got an old-fashioned tri-series underway at the moment, with Australia taking on both India and England in women’s T20. Max Wiggins has been in prime position to take it all in and shares his thoughts on a long hot summer in our nation’s capital.

David ‘Malt’ Wildy: Sobers, Richards, Wildy

League footballer, state cricketer, record breaking commentator, newspaper columnist, fireman – there’s not much David Wildy hasn’t done according to Rulebook.