O Me Miserum: the genesis and revelations of an offie

With the chat about Tim May on our site, it’s timely to get into the mind of an offie…

Chris Harms, whose bowling action was highlighted in a recent piece by John Harms, replies to his cousin.

[first published 2014]

Almanac Cricket: Muschy – the left-handed adjudicator

In his enlightening article about the life and times of a cricket umpire, Matt Watson pays tribute to Queenslander Lawrie Musch, a dedicated and popular former member of the umpiring fraternity.

Almanac Cricket: Cricketus Interruptus

Peter Crossing examines those interruptions in play at the cricket that are not necessarily cricket related.

Almanac Footy History: First Class Sheffield Shield Footy Connections, 1971

The days of the dual footy/cricket champion are long gone, but Swish saw a couple from the top shelf in a 1971 Sheffield Shield game, along with a pretty handy supporting cast.

KG Cunningham: South Australian Sporting Legend

Rulebook returns with a profile of South Australian legend KG Cunningham, cricketer, footy umpire and broadcaster extraordinaire.

Almanac Cricket (and life): Jack Lihou

A notice in the newspaper this morning set Almanac editor Ian Hauser thinking back over the years. It might even be enough to get him started on a long-delayed project.

Almanac Memoir: Half a century at the Gabba

Murray Bird offers a panoramic memoir of Gabba days of yore. [Reckon 500 is conservative Muz – JTH]

Almanac Cricket: The new season is underway

The Australian Women’s Cricket Team is off to a flying start to the new season, equalling a record in the process. The Marsh Sheffield Shield season gets underway this weekend. See all the details here.

Frank Hyett: Successful sportsman, unionist, politician and victim of the Spanish flu.

The Footy Almanac reprises a story from 2011 about WW1 Spanish flu victim Frank Hyett. Hyett was a successful sportsman, unionist, and politician who Glen! was seeking information about at the time. He received a terrific response as indicated in the comments section.

Almanac Cricket – Sheffield Shield season cancelled: NSW awarded the title

The remainder of the Sheffield Shield season has been cancelled and NSW has been awarded the title. What are your thoughts on these actions? Check out the official Team of the Year and tell us what you think.

The Parade College Writing Workshop – Rowan Saw: NSW v Victoria Sheffield Shield clash

Victoria managed to defeat a strong NSW side in the Sheffield Shield last week. Grade 9 Parade College student Rowan Saw recaps the match and details the momentum swings throughout the encounter.

Almanac History – What happened on January 9?

Former student and teacher of History Ian Hauser looks back at significant people and events associated with January 9. Ring any bells?

SACA Annual Report 1983/84: Same As It Ever Was

The SACA, Adelaide Oval, cricket and West End Light loomed large in 1983/84. Here’s Swish letting those days go by. Come for Bish, stay for Don O’Connor, marvel at Craig Bradley’s straight outta Pooraka poodle mullet. And see if you can spot Boz Maloney. Sponsored by West End Light – the Right Light.

Come on Queensland! Sheffield Shield cricket at its best.

Jan Courtin had a fabulous day at the cricket, marvelling at the exploits of the new, young, up and coming cricketers, the closeness and excitement of the match, and of course letting out her emotions in true style celebrating Queensland’s great win.

Almanac Cricket – Sheffield Shield Round 3: Last Chance Saloon

Wannabe First Test aspirants have their last chance to impress the national selectors this weekend in Round 3 of the 2019/20 Marsh Sheffield Shield competition. Ian Hauser runs his eye over the possibilities.

Almanac Cricket – Sheffield Shield Round 2: Are we any the wiser?

Round 2 of the Sheffield Shield season did little to clarify Australia’s First Test team. Based on results so far, Ian Hauser takes a stab at a possible line-up for the Gabba next month.

Almanac Flashback – ‘Swish’ Schwerdt’s review of Michael Sexton’s ‘Chappelli’s Last Stand’

Yesterday we featured a review of Michael Sexton’s ‘Border’s Battlers’. Today we revisit his previous offering, ‘Chappelli’s Last Stand” via a review penned by ‘Swish’ Schwerdt. (Both books are readily available at all good bookstores.)

Almanac Cricket – A comeback for the Sheffield Shield?

What did we learn from the first Round of the Marsh Sheffield Shield competition last weekend? Ian Hauser found that it left him with more questions than answers.

Almanac Cricket – Marsh Sheffield Shield 2019-20 Season Starts Today

The domestic cricket first class season gets underway today with Round 1 of the Marsh Sheffield Shield competition featuring all six States in action. Familiarise yourself with the season’s Shield and Test match schedules.