Almanac (Test) Cricket – Border/Gavaskar Trophy Series 2023: What could have been

The 2023 Border/Gavaskar Trophy Series is over. India won 2-1. But what might have been? Ian Hauser gives his perspective.

India v Australia – Third Test Review: Aussies Bounce Back in Tremendous Fashion

Australian Cricket Society literary scholar Kobe Jacobs looks at the impressive win of the Australians in Indore, and discusses the possibility of drawing the series.

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The Fourth Test of the 2023 Border/Gavaskar Trophy Series starts this afternoon. Ian Hauser offers a perspective.

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The Third Test between India and Australia starts this afternoon in Indore. Ian Hauser offers this preview in which realism wins out over hope.

India v Australia – Second Test Review: An opportunity lost for the Australians

The Australians had their chances but the Indians fought back every time they needed to. Australian Cricket Society Scholar Kobe Jacobs looks back at the Second Test in Delhi.

Almanac Cricket – The 2023 Border/Gavaskar Trophy Series, Second Test: I just don’t get it!

You don’t get too many chances to win a Test match in India these days. The Aussies just showed how to blow one such opportunity with a most puzzling third day collapse.

Australia v India – First Test Review: Embarrassing

2023 Australian Cricket Society scholarship holder Kobe Jacobs makes his Footy Almanac debut with an analysis of the First Test in the current India v Australia series. (Welcome aboard, Kobe! – Ed.)

Almanac Cricket – The 2023 Border/Gavaskar Trophy Series: Second Test

The Second Test in the Border/Gavaskar series begins tomorrow. Ian Hauser runs his (despondent) eye over the possibilities.