Almanac Cricket – Border-Gavaskar Trophy series review: A special effort disrupts Australia’s cricketing peace

Sean Mortell reviews a Border-Gavaskar Trophy series which began as a disaster for the visitors, only to see them triumph in the end.

Australia v India: Has Australia lost its way?

The series is done. Now it’s time for the post-mortems. Who better to deliver one than ‘Citrus’ Bob Utber, who reported on every day of this series for the Almanac.

Australia v India – First Test Review: Wickets, valuable runs and the impact of a pink ball

Sean Mortell reviews the first test, convincingly won by Australia, of the Australia v India Test series with the Border-Gavasker Trophy at stake.

Australia v India – First Test, Day 3: Even more experiences and observations

Daryl Schramm caught up with fellow participants from last year’s SACA Ashes Tour for brunch on Day 3 of the Adelaide Test before hoping to settle in for some good cricket. He was not expecting what followed!

Australia v India – First Test, Day 3: Game over? Come on!

Citrus Bob Utber has been watching Test cricket for 70 years and he reckons he’s never seen anything like Day 3 of the First Test in Adelaide.

Australia v India – First Test, Day 2: More experiences and observations from DJS

Daryl Schramm is intrigued by the second day of the First Test between Australia and India and think that, from here, anything can happen.

Australia v India – First Test, Day 2: Another tough day

Citrus Bob Utber loves Test cricket and he enjoyed another gripping battle throughout Day 2 at the Adelaide Oval as the Indians fought back with the ball to poke their noses in front.

Australia v India – First Test, Day 1: From the committee lounge

Bernard Whimpress had a jolly good day at the cricket with some luminaries of South Australian sport.

Australia v India – First Test, Day 1: Experiences and Observations

Daryl Schramm presents his report on Day 1 of the First Test, Australia v India, with the Aussies maintaining a marginal advantage. (Through the eyes of a former umpy, albeit footy – Ed)

Australia v India – First Test, Day 1: Heavyweight Bout Begins

Smokie Dawson presents his Day 1 report of the 1st Test clash Australia v India in Adelaide. The two heavyweights of Test cricket slug it out with the Aussies slightly ahead.

Australia v India – First Test, Day 1: Tight Test cricket

Citrus Bob Utber reports on Day 1 of the Adelaide Test between Australia and India – three sessions of very tight cricket.

Australia v India: First Test Blog

Our rolling Test cricket blog returns for you to add your comments and observations as each of the four matches unfolds. Tell us the way you see it!

Australia v India – First Test: The summer of Test cricket starts today!

The summer of Test cricket between Australia and India starts today with the First Test at Adelaide Oval from 2.30pm local time. Follow the match and the following three Tests with the Almanac’s expert observers headed by ‘Citrus’ Bob Utber.

Almanac Cricket: Blue sky cricket thinking

Bernard Whimpress isn’t a big fan of some of the ‘blue sky thinking’ that surrounds the Australian test squad.

Almanac Cricket: My Australian XI for the First Test

Sean Mortell picks his Australian line-up for next week’s First Test against India in Adelaide. He has a surprise or two for you to consider.