Round 13 – Haiku Bob: No Demons

Haiku Bob is off to Japan for a haiku conference this week but leaves readers with a haiku from Saturday’s Collingwood v Melbourne clash.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 13 Review / Round 14 Preview

Cam Hooke reviews the Pies’ defeat of Melbourne, and previews the upcoming clash against the Roos.

Round 13 – Essendon v Carlton: Snowy’s day out

For Andrew ‘Dougie’ Fraser and his mates, it was worth every ounce of energy getting Snowy to the MCG to take his place in the Guard of Honour as the Bombers ran out for their match against the Blues.

Round 13 – Collingwood v Melbourne: Floreat Pica Society match report

Paul McKay, the Bangkok correspondent for the Floreat Pica Society presents their match report of Collingwood’s King’s Birthday Round 13 win against Melbourne.

Round 13 – Sal’s Preview: You wouldn’t Reid about it!

Sal’s happy with progress on the HTM issue. Next, it’s time to reduce the number of call-ups. Then there are the Round 13 matches to cover. It’s all happening!

Round 13 – AFL Footy Fixture 2024: Who, where, and when?

Find out who, where, and when your team is playing in Round 13 AFL Season 2024.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 12 Review / Round 13 Preview

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life reviews the Pies’ loss in Round 13 and is confident they can rebound and win their Round 13 match against Melbourne.

Round 13 – 2024 AFL Match Results

Round 13 AFL 2024 match results.