FEARLESS 2023: Well done to South Australia (Round 5 and 6)

Fearless has come back from Gather Round finally and has a wrap up of the spectacle’s games and those of Round 6 to boot.

Round 5 – Gather Round: ‘Hear ye, hear ye!’

Citrus Bob Utber went down to Adelaide (from his home in Mildura) to see what all the fuss was about regarding the Gather Round, and he was suitably impressed with what he saw as his report shows.

Almanac Footy: The Muse is musing on Gather Round

The Muse has some thoughts on Gather Round, which he liked, and on the spin that has surrounded it, which he didn’t. [Hint of Clarke and Dawe in this – Ed]

Gather Round 5 – Sal’s Preview: It’s not a Party, it’s a Gathering

The inaugural Gather Round has Sal remembering days of yore but looking forward to a weekend in Adelaide and surrounds while keeping an eye on the last weekend of The Championships trackside.

Round 5 – AFL Footy Fixture 2023: The Gather Round

Round 5 is the ‘Gather Round’ series of matches to be played in Adelaide. Check out who, where, and when your team plays this week.