The Parade College Writing Workshop – Declan Taaffe Wyles: 2019 AFL Grand Final

Declan Taaffe Wyles puts in a late bid to be in the Tigers’Almanac 2019 with his report on the 2019 AFL Grand Final. {Perhaps you can find a spot in the 2020 Almanac Declan – Ed]

Almanac Art: Kate Birrell’s original artwork for The Tigers Almanac 2019 is up for auction

Kate Birrell’s original artwork for The Tigers Almanac 2019 is up for auction. Bids close on Friday 20 December.

The Tigers Almanac 2019 – Extract: Pickett’s Pirouette

Here’s an extract from The Tigers Almanac 2019. It is rising star Jack Banister’s piece about Marlion Pickett. It is one of five forewords in the book – others are by Ben Northey, John ‘Mr Wrap’ Mosig, George Grossek and Matt Quartermaine. There are also numerous other features as well as all of the match reports.

So what’s in The Tigers Almanac 2019?

Here’s what’s in The Tigers Almanac 2019. (This post includes the Table of Contents) Order your copies now for delivery from Dec 12.

Grand Final – Richmond v GWS: The Day After

Kate Birrell reflects upon her chance meeting with fellow Tiger supporter Sharon the day after the Grand Final.

AFL Season 2019: A reflection of the year Richmond laid the ghost of the Hafey Years

Dr Cruel73 reflects on the Tigers’ great premiership victory, and wonders if the current team is a better one than the Hafey premiership teams.

From Red & White to Yellow & Black: The Baan Baa Richmond Supporters’ Club

Unbeknown to Stainless, his sister was writing about The Baan Baa Richmond Supporters’ Club at the same time his account was posted to the site. Here is her story.

Footy Almanac Grand Final Eve Lunch – the Free Toby auction

Toby Greene created a lot of bids at the Footy Almanac Grand Final Eve Lunch.

FEARLESS 2019 – the last 3 weeks belatedly

Fearless presents his belated reports of the AFL Finals, Weeks 2,3 and the Grand Final.

Balcony Banter – 2019 AFL Grand Final: Richmond v GWS Giants

After the prolonged Tiger premiership drought, Dave Campbell and his brother Tim have enjoyed the recent flood of Richmond premierships. Dave tells about ‘a day of brotherhood on and off the field’.

Balcony Banter Grand Final – Richmond v GWS: Pax Romana

A long way from home (or the MCG) on Grand Final day, Tiger man Joe De Petro found a way to tap into the Tiger roar.

Grand Final – Richmond v GWS: Shock and awe

Unfortunately for Earl O’Neill his Monaros were left stranded on the track as the Tigers raced away to win the 2019 AFL Grand Final.

Grand Final – Richmond v GWS: The yellow of poise, the black of power

Footy Records, the crowded throng, and soaking up the atmosphere were all a part of Sean Mortell’s Grand Final Day.

Grand Final – Richmond v GWS: Bidding a fond farewell to the Tigers of old

With two Richmond premierships in three years, it has now made the Tigers a great football team according to Jump Ball.

Tiger Turbulence: From strained nerves to heavenly bliss

Ben Kirkby gives us his take on Richmond’s incredible end to the season when nerves gave way to joy (featuring some of Ben’s artwork too).

Reflections on the 2019 Premiership

After his Tigers went all the way for the 12th time, Stainless reflects more on the forest of the 2019 season than on the trees of the last Saturday in September – and there is a lot to admire.

Grand Final – Richmond v GWS: The stress-free life

      Neutral football fans love watching close grand finals. Supporters of competing clubs aren’t so sure. They can die a thousand deaths en route to the final siren. Take the classic encounter between West  Coast and Collingwood in 2018. If ever I was in the situation of watching Richmond in a nail-biting Grand [Read more]

Grand Final – Richmond v GWS: Damage

Old Dog’s Grand Final thoughts have been a must-read on the Almanac site for years. And this one on Richmond’s thrashing of GWS is no different. He describes and analyses and thinks about what it all means from a shed in south-east Tassie. [Thanks Old Dog – JTH]

Grand Final – Richmond v GWS: Talkin’ takin’ sides

Trucker Slim lets loose with his reasons why he’ll be barracking for the GWS Giants tomorrow.

Haiku Bob – 2019 Grand Final Haiku Kukai

Join in with Haiku Bob for the 2019 AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai, the only live call of the game in haiku. Check out details for participation here.