Round 7 – Sydney v North Melbourne: Just My Luck!

Daniel Saunders thought it was his lucky night when a prior engagement wrapped up early and he could make it to the game in Sydney, if only he knew what he and his Swans were in for!

Round 7 – Sydney v North Melbourne: Finding their old self

‘Thank you to the North Melbourne Football Club for wrecking my 40th Birthday.’
Craig Dodson’s milestone celebrations were tainted when the Roos defeated his Swans in Sydney on Saturday night – sorry about the loss Craig but Happy 40th from all us here at The Footy Almanac!

The Red and the White – A Week Is A Long Time.

A week is a long time in footy; you are only as good as your last game, are two over used, though true sayings according to Keiren as he ponders recent performances by the Swans.

Round 7 – Sydney v North Melbourne: Opposition songs should never be heard at the SCG

The winning opposition’s team song lingers like a bad smell for Jan, infiltrating her bones, and getting the hippocampus all excited once more. Not a beneficial thought, one to get rid of claims Jan as she ponders the Swans defeat.