Round 16 – Brisbane v Carlton: Suddenly, Hot Pants.

It’s the moment your favourite pair of football shorts mysteriously transform into hotpants and the threat to throw them out becomes real that it’s time for action. Approaching marriage, it’s time to lose a few kilos, go on a park run or two, and of course, a day at the footy, climbing stairs and watching a Brisbane victory are all part of a changing lifestyle for Almanacker Jamie.

Round 16 – Sydney v Geelong: Infrequency

Paul Spinks was on the edge of his seat at home watching his Cats take on the Swans in Sydney. Luckily he had his mate to text and talk through the frustrations of the game – getting it all off his chest to enjoy the win.

Haiku Bob – Round 16 – dusk fills the air

It appears to be poetry in motion for Collingwood at the moment. Here’s Haiku Bob’s Round 16 poem.

Round 15 – Port Adelaide v St Kilda: Creativity and Fun Abound and Saints Were the Least Crushed

Yvette Wroby had many things to be happy about on the weekend. The Port Adelaide v Saints game just wasn’t one of them.

Round 16 – Essendon v Collingwood: Homecoming

Down from the nation’s capital, William Westerman, as a neutral, soaks up the atmosphere of a big game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Round 16 – Richmond v Adelaide: The Edge of Chaos

Joe De Petro channels mathematical concepts, chaos theory and even Evil Roy Slade to explain the success of his Tigers. Whatever it is, it sure as hell works!

Round 16 – Richmond v Adelaide: This is our house

Gillian Dite thoroughly enjoyed Friday night footy this weekend, watching her Tiges host the Crows at the MCG and bringing back shiny premiership memories.

Fearless 2018 Round 16 – …rounding the bend, into the home straight, neck & neck

Fearless reviews Round 16 which has the left the competition neck & neck in the fight for a finals spot.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – 2018 Round 17: Winners all round

It’s a winning feeling all around the Collingwood camp this week and Cam Hooke has wrapped up all the teams’ efforts in his latest review.

Round 16 – Sydney v Geelong: Too generous?

The high flying Swans were far too accommodating of the marauding moggies of Geelong for Mathilde de Hauteclocque’s liking.

Round 16 – Essendon v Collingwood: Side By Sidebottom

Relocated from his usual seat for a big clash with Essendon with middle child Josh in tow, it was the reassuring presence of 200-game Pie legend Steele Sidebottom and a professional performance from his teammates that grounded Luke Reynolds.

Round 16 – Richmond v Adelaide: Hatred at the G

First on the ladder and flying, Richmond have lost their underdog mantle. To beat them, you must work inconceivably hard for each miniscule victory. It is a position as unfamiliar to once-starved fanatics as their position as Premiers. And for Paddy, the pleasure of watching his Tiges power to victory over the Crows is immense as he articulates so well.

Time to ruffle some feathers!

Time for the Bombers to ruffle some Magpie feathers says Col.

Sydney v Geelong: I’m down in the dumps. Strewth! Imagine if they’d kicked straight!

Jan hates losing. At anything. Tennis, “snap” at midnight on the beach but when her team loses, then it feels personal.

Almanac (Footy) Poetry – The Rhymer: Ode To Cyril

The Rhymer pays tribute to the sheer brilliance of Cyril Rioli. Perhaps, given his family heritage, Cyril was always going to be a champion.

Round 16 Preview – The Magic has Gone?

Sal previews a big Round 16 and farewells a champion of the game in Cyril Rioli.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – 2018 Round 16: The Year of the Pie

Cam Hooke gives his thoughts on Round 16 for the Magpies.