AFL Round 20 – Richmond v Brisbane: Under pressure

A fight in the Members? What’s happening to the world? At least Fitzroy Dude got his comeuppance.

AFL Round 20 – Richmond v Brisbane: Being There….At Last.

Saint Tom Greenaway attended the Tigers coronation as a proxy. For behold the miracle – Richmond shall contest finals football once again.

AFL Round 20 – Brisbane v Richmond: Too little, too late

If footy is truly a game of four quarters (and Beth Newman is led to believe it is), then somebody obviously forgot to tell the Brisbane Lions – again!

AFL Round 20 – Richmond v Brisbane: Waiting in line

Just as John Green starts to ponder how to buy finals tickets these days, his Tigers fall into a second half slumber against the Lions. They get the points, but not the extra percentage. (Naturally, he blames the umpires.)