AFL Round 12 – GWS v Port Adelaide: Confessions of a secret Port Supporter

Daria Hansen fell in love with a passionate Port supporter. (How passionate? He likens President Koch to Nelson Mandela.) She survived the 2007 Grand Final, but can she survive a visit to the scene of last year’s disaster?

AFL Round 12 – GWS Giants v Port Adelaide: Boys against men

For all the talk of the Giants becoming a powerhouse, Earl O’Neill sees gaping holes in their list. Still, their opponents across the bridge have shown how quickly it can be turned around.

AFL Round 12 – GWS Giants v Port Adelaide: One step forwards, three steps back

What a waste, writes Giants fan Steve Duffy. What a way to retard your development. At least there’s 2017 to look forward to. (Steve, better ask those Tigers fans how successful those five-year plans normally are…Ed)